Bad Games That I Can't Help But Like... Or At Least Remember Somewhat Fondly

Or, if you want to be all technical about it, "guilty pleasures." 
And yeah, "bad" is probably a strong term. Some of these games are merely middling. But at some point I don't want a huge title for the list.

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Posted by Sdoots

Oh fuck. I remember playing Flicky as a kid. It was absolutely awful, but I couldn't stop playing it.

Posted by Iceland

Awesome Possum? Really?

Posted by hermes

No Big Riggs?
Posted by buzz_clik

Yeah, Flicky is still addicting in a bizarre way, despite its crapocity.
And I actually really liked Shadow Warrior at the time, although I think part of that may have come from the fact I was really into the Build Engine. But "who wants some Wang?" is a tagline that makes my skin want to slide off my body and go quiver in a corner somewhere. Ugh.

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@Iceland said:

" Awesome Possum? Really? "

Awesome Possum? Really? Why not just throw Bubsy in there?
Posted by sarahsdad

Shadow warrior could go on a one game list titled " The last FPS I played before the turn of the century "

Posted by Eder

HEY! Flicky is awesome!

Posted by JellyFish_Gsus

50 Cent: Blood on the sand should be on here lol
Posted by CarpetRemnant

I remember Rolo To The Rescue. I really liked it, though it was kind of terrible, well, really very terrible.

Posted by Diamond

Shadow Warrior was bad - but not as a game!

Posted by Winternet

Hey, I loved shadow warrior, so don't say it is a bad game. It's a game that... it has so much of... it makes... Ok! You've won. It is a bad game.

Posted by therabidfrog

I love Milon's Secret Castle! What the heck?

Posted by lilman1101

Oh god, Milon's Secret Castle.
So much hidden shit.

Posted by iAmJohn

Dude, Rolo to the Rescue is fucking awesome.  Especially the horrible bad ending in which Rolo saves the day but is never happy again.

Posted by shodan2020

I don't see what is so awful about Flicky. It's a perfectly fine mid-80's arcade platformer. It's no worse than Mappy.

Posted by Vager

Oh, man! I'm getting a full on nostalgic overload watching a gameplay video Rolo  to the Rescue.  

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@shodan2020 said:

" I don't see what is so awful about Flicky. It's a perfectly fine mid-80's arcade platformer. It's no worse than Mappy. "

I actually prefer it to Mappy. In my circle, we've had legit money thrown around on Flicky competitions.
Also Time Killers is such a piece of shit, but I can almost see someone enjoying it ironically.
Posted by Tondo

holy shit, I had forgotten Rollo To The Rescue, but it was one of my favorite games on megadrive back in the day. Nice to see someone else liked it too :))

Posted by skrutop

I remember loving Bloody Wolf when I had it for the TG-16. It totally didn't hold up.

Posted by WMoyer83

Flicky is a good game!