Characters I Would Recruit For My World-Class Fighting Force

If I needed to start a world-class force of fighters--you know, men and women who needed to be on-call at all times, ready to fight terror wherever it may rear its nefarious head--these would be the guys at the top of my list.

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Posted by trimon

This is great!

Posted by Sir_Lizardman

If there is one person that I would not want to meet in a dark alley, it would be Mr. Domino.

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"Punchy the Raper". Dude just plain awesome.

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I have never played Final Fight but somehow Mike Haggar would still be at the TOP of my list if I made one.  
BTW "Lady Steak" is the best codename you could have given to Chie.
Although I'm surprised you didn't have Dan to serve as the distraction on any missions that must be done.

Posted by Rayfield

May I suggest both the Ninja and Green Sumo from Bruce Lee?

Posted by Yelix

Could anyone on this list stop Mr. Domino?

Posted by FlappyHands
@jonnyboy said:
" "Punchy the Raper". Dude just plain awesome. "
Lol. Agreed.
Posted by dagas

Only one woman? That's not a PC list! =P

Posted by Kyle

Best list ever. Mr. Domino is the most inspired choice.

Posted by Tru3_Blu3


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what a list wow, superstars left right and centre.

Posted by TinoXtreme

Mr. Domino for the win.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

If Chie was in a fighting game, who would she play like? Kim Dong Hwan? and what would the fighting system be like? Capcom 6 buttons, SNK 4 buttons, or Arc Sys Works 4 buttons?

Posted by Zito
Posted by Winternet

Duke Nukem would also be a good choice. Or Mickey Rourke.

Posted by NickM

It's a well know fact that no one can stop Mr. Domino.

Posted by Shiro_Shishi

I think you would ONLY need Chie.
She'll Galatic Punt any ol' fool into space!

Posted by ZombieKitty
@Shiro_Shishi said:

" I think you would ONLY need Chie.  She'll Galatic Punt any ol' fool into space! "

I think all he needs is  John Vignocchi, it's quite obvious.
Posted by Thomasnoki

look's good

Posted by Bigandtasty

I don't know about RoboCop. He's always getting shot and shit.
But I guess maybe that's part of your genius strategy to distract your enemies.

Posted by Belonpopo

Ha, Punchy Mcraper.

Posted by Psykhophear

Totally awesome!

Posted by ThePantheon

nearly every one of these made me laugh out loud.
jeff's text is flammable, y'all.

Posted by ashogo

Lady Steak is good too, but I prefer "TANK KILLER".

Posted by chogi

chie should be lady death steak instead

Posted by habster3

Jeff proves himself awesome... again.
Posted by mikegaidin

Punchy the Raper.  LOL.

Posted by NinjaChocobo

Woooo! CHIE!

Posted by Emperor_Jimmu

Hold Chie back for when they decide to roll in the tanks.  
I would have put ceiling-lady from Deadly Premonition on the list though; she would be able to resist gunshots for hours while creating a boring distraction leaving your enemies vulnerable to attack. 

Posted by void1234

The day I see Mr. Domino on a list is THE BEST DAY EVER

Posted by Slither_Maggot

Just give me 1, 2, and 9 and I'd be ready to rock! :-P

Posted by Lady_of_the_patriots

I like how guile is above Ryu.

I agree on his placement I just think its funny that ryu could kill a thousand people in a blink of an eye but Guile is still cooler.

Posted by kerse

@void1234 said:

The day I see Mr. Domino on a list is THE BEST DAY EVER

Then you should see his other list about people who can stop Mr. Domino. Its my favorite list on the site.

Posted by WMoyer83

Its like the Expendables, without the overpaid geriatric 80s action stars.