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I'm usually fairly down on iPhone games, but I wanted to have a way to point out games that I've found on the iPhone and iPad that are actually worth checking out. Hence this list, which I'll add to sporadically.

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Posted by Jackhole

These are pretty much the only three games I play on my iPhone. Actually, I stopped playing Game Dev Story once I beat it the first week it came out. It sucks that more people haven't heard of Dungeon Raid. I only found out about it because it was an app of the week over at Tested.

Posted by Duffyside

I bought Dungeon Raid based on this list and the rallying tweet today; it's pretty neat. Tiny Wings I had heard about and bought once Jeff and others chimed in on how good it was. I don't regret buying it, but am not as blown away as some people seem to be. 
I guess my problem with iPhone games is that none of them would not be improved by moving to another platform. The only interactive elements are touch and tilt. Tilt can be done with a Wii remote/Move controller, and touch can be done with other devices, or mimicked with a mouse or previously mentioned pointing device. I think Dungeon Raid would be cooler on a PC, but I guess I'm glad I can take it with me. 
Anyway, two suggestions to check out if you haven't already, Jeff: 
Tilt To Live. It looks like a twin joystick shooter, but there is no shooting, really. You just tilt the controller to liv... move. You tilt to move. You pick up power-ups and kill very basic enemy types. The updates have added new modes and I think the game is only 99 cents now, so I recommend it highly. 
The other is League of Evil. It's much like Super Meat Boy; a 2D quick challenge-level platformer. It takes a little while to get used to the controls mapped to the screen, but once you figure it out the game becomes much more fun. Don't let the touch-faux-buttons scare you away though, as the developers made some smart decisions in limiting the fake d-pad to just left and right, and the "buttons" to only A and B: jump and attack. But, yes... I would still prefer real buttons, as the slightest touch registers and it's very hard to "tip-toe" up to an edge.

Posted by Dany

I always check out Tiny Wings every day to see what the new island, simply fun game with a damn great song.

Posted by abdo

Flight Control is one of my favourites.

Posted by AndyMP
@abdo: I'm with you... Flight Control, Cut the Rope, World of Goo and Angry Birds to name just a few.
Posted by adambyrney

Tiny wings is amazing, pretty much the only type of 'fast' game that i want to play on the iPhone. Really don't like controls on screen type shooters etc, 

Posted by Little_Socrates

I'm super-amused that I actually reviewed two of those games without seeing this list. Big fan of Tiny Wings still, but I've stopped playing Dungeon Raid having unlocked the over-powered "Raider" class. I've also totally broken GameDevStory, though it was certainly a good run while it lasted.

Posted by LordAndrew
How are the controls for Pinball Arcade?