Great Pinball Machines

This is mostly here to motivate me to add more pinball machines to the database.

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Posted by Crono

I had been curious whether or not pinball machines were allowed to be added.  I mean, sure they are games... but they are also machines?!?  I am glad this is much clearer now.

Posted by LordAndrew
@Crono: If you're ever curious what kinds of games you can add system-wise, you can check the list of platforms. Pinball's over on the second page, so it's fair game. :)
Edited by Kajaah117

Uh.......... where the hell is Earthshaker? My mom swears that if we win the lottery, the first thing she'll do is make you an offer you can't refuse.

Posted by buzz_clik

No Addams Family love?

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Posted by Brackynews

Last month I took some okay photos of recent Stern pins (airport arcades seem to stay pristine somehow.)
Batman Dark Knight is pretty kick-ass, in fact. 

Posted by jonny_eh

Cool, I own two of those (F-14 and Twilight Zone). I used to own High Speed too. One day I hope to own Medieval Madness, but my god, it's expensive as hell!

Posted by DrStrangeFate

I think I'd have to add the Star Wars pinball machine, good times there.  X-Files pinball was pretty cool as well.

Posted by Nigglenummy

Nice list. Somehow I still have a working Twilight Zone machine at home. It's still fun as hell.

Posted by shodan2020

Hell yeah Theater of Magic! The Rec Room at my Alma Mater had both Medieval Madness and Theatre of Magic pinball machines. It was glorious.