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Posted by Mavus

I've been thinking about this for an unreasonable amount of time and I don't have any brilliant suggestions. Maybe Minimalist Esports is as good as it gets, but it still doesn't change the fact that I really don't like the word 'esports' that much. Working with that as a starting point, I got:

  • Micro Sports
  • Mini Sports
  • Couch Sports

Maybe we need to take a leaf out of the DOTA book and get a cool acronym like MOBA, but the best I can do is MOCCA (Multiplayer Offline Competative Couch Arena). Or maybe MMOCPG (minimally multiplayer offline couch playing game).

Anyway any intentional work on trying to come up with a genre name probably wont work. This sort of thing usually happens by accident. Eventually some Youtube personality or high profiler tweeter will say something dumb and it will stick forever.

Posted by AMyggen

Couch Sports is a pretty good suggestion. Or at least as good as I've heard.

Posted by tumtumtum

Micro Offline Battle Arena

Posted by void

Fun Sports? Sports, but (for) fun.

Posted by BlaineBlaine

Computer Tapes?

TV Games?

Couch Combat?

I vote Couch Combat.

Posted by Insectecutor

Couch Sports sounds dirty. As does Couch Jouster. Settee Melee. Fuck.


Posted by The_Reflection

taking a page out of videoball, call it vSports.

Posted by PoorTommy

I've heard the Smash Bros. and Power Stone-like games described as "Battle Royales."

I think either "Indie Battle Royales" or simply "Battle Royales" set the right tone for the majority of these types of games. Videoball and Sportsfriends to me are are a bit different from the rest of the list and should probably just be called "Indie Arcade Sports" games.

Posted by IndeedCodyBrown

Call it the "Couch Fuck Around" genre. Every good night ends with a Couch Fuck Around.