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Just wanted to call out @ghostiet for being awesome and giving me a key. Good vibes to you duder!

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Anybody have an extra steam key for this game? Figure somebody might if they bought a humble bundle or something. I gave a code away for a different game a couple months ago so I thought somebody else in this awesome community may do the same. Thought I might try Binding of Isaac out since Patrick is going to be playing it and I really got into Spelunky.

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@szlifier: I am realizing that I only spent around $75 for this CPU. I'm not going to drop half that on a cooler too. It's been running fine for around 2 months with no issues so I'm going to hope it's all good. If the CPU dies, I'll worry about it then.

Thanks for everyone's advice.

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So i bought some thermal paste and re-attached the heat sync and fan to the CPU. I still idle around 50 degC. I ran Prime95 blend test for about 30 minutes and the temp was around 80-82 degC. All of my other temperatures are perfectly fine. 80 degC seems high to me, but maybe it's acceptable under full load. Advice? Keep in mind that I'm not overclocking or anything so I would think the stock cooler should be more than acceptable for my build.

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Something I just remembered and wanted to post...I swapped the front and rear fans in the case because I didn't like the blue LED fan shining in the front. The blue LED fan spins a bit faster than the normal fan. I'm starting to wonder if I swapping them back will fix this issue as I wasn't having a heating problem before. I played through Batman Arkham Origins and some Far Cry 3 with no heat problems before the swap. I guess that will be my first attempt at fixing this problem.

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@ltcoljaxson: Since my GPU temps seem OK, I don't think I need to upgrade my case. I like that my case is relatively small as it's in my living room connected to my TV. Hoping that if I run the AMD Overdrive monitor my temps will be OK. Thanks for the advice though.

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@andmm: Socket is actually FM2, not AM3

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After doing a little more research, I found a post on Tom's Hardware that had a similar setup. The advice was to run a different temperature monitoring program (AMD Overdrive) instead of what I'm running (CPUID). Apparently AMD Overdrive gives more accurate readings at full load. Can anyone confirm this? CPUID said that my GPU was only running at 50 degC right after I quit AC4. I believe that this is an OK temperature?

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Experienced PC builders, I need some advice. I was playing Assassin's Creed 4 and it sounds like all of my fans are running at max. I stopped playing after about 30 minutes and checked the temps and my CPU was up to 95 degC. I let it settle down and it was running at about 50 degC. I left it on overnight to run my online backup and checked it again this morning and it was sitting at 70degC. I think I need a new cooler (I've been using the stock thus far without any problems). Here's my part list. I started researching and it looks like the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO has great reviews, but I'm concerned about the size. Anybody know if it will fit in my case? Are there better options? I don't really want to move up to water cooling at this point. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks duders.

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