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On Amazon, I got an original 3GS vita in a walking dead bundle for less than the price of a wifi Vita and for some reason there was no tax. So that was a pretty good deal.

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Ok to call someone <SOMETHING GOOD>, but not ok to call someone <SOMETHING BAD>?

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Rashomon 5/5

The Grand Budapest Hotel 4/5

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Well... this is something.

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I still think he's really funny.

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I want to be pleasantly surprised by someone, like I was by Patrick. He's a great pick who brings something new to the site while jiving really well with the core duders. That said, I would not in the least be disappointed if Danny O'Dwyer joined the crew.

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Haha I just bought a vita to play it if that tells you anything...

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@jeanluc said:

Kind of surprised considering this game was Vita only. At the same time I bought a Vita exclusively for Persona 4 Golden but that just makes be a weirdo.

Hell no you aint a weirdo, i bought it just for p4g as well (a couple of months ago), and it's still the only game i have. Although i'll probably get ffXhd next.

I just bought one for P4G and the opportunity to have access to Spelunky at all times. So not that weird.

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Is it part of the criteria that people don't really know about the game? Or is it just anything you think deserves preservation?