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Later Robert Heinlein (1980 and onward) is like, the most depressing thing I've ever read. It's not just like "Ohhhhh, it's not as good as his earlier stuff, I'm disappointed." It's aggressively terrible. And really self-indulgent.

I rarely put down a book without finishing it. Even if I don't think it's great, what's a couple more hours to finish it off? I had to stop reading The Number of the Beast. I mean, it's intentionally very referential and somewhat satirical. There's a ton of very direct references to John Carter of Mars/Edgar Rice Burroughs. But man, so they invent this device that can jump between different universes. Then the four main characters (2 men, 2 women, paired off accordingly) put it inside a space car (Back to the Future style), and then spend like the next 200 pages just bickering about what they should do next at every step of the way. It's like sitting in on a super shitty camping trip where the couples argue constantly, then apologize, then the next day they argue again. Also one of the male characters talks for a while about how he appreciates that his female partner's nipples go "sproing" when aroused. That is, verbatim, the onomatopoeia used. On the plus side, when they put the universe-hopping device in the car, they christen the vehicle the Gay Deceiver, which is unintentionally funny because apparently I'm a child.

I made the terrible, terrible mistake of finishing The Number of the Beast and let me tell you, you made the absolute right decision. That book only gets worse and worse as it goes along. Did you get to the part where the main character explains how he 'beat' the university system? Because holy shit it's just like a 20 page libertarian rant that's almost completely crazy town. Oh and the ending is one of the least satisfying conclusions to any novel I've ever read. They never defeat the 'black hats', there's just some dumb joke made about how the bad guys were really just bad writing all along. Oh and they throw a party where all the cool people from every dimension show up so that Robert Heinlein can make bad jokes about his past novels and the writings of his friends. It's terrible. Fuck that book. Oh and I guess I should note that I loved the shit out of The Moon is Harsh Mistress, Time Enough For Love, and Stranger in a Strange Land. Number of the Beast just shits all over everything that was good about Heinlein's earlier work and magnifies his faults a hundred times.

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long behold

This might have been a typo, but the phrase is "lo and behold".

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The digitized one kind of looks like an RV.

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Their whole Kickstarter looked extremely sketchy from the start. Kickstart wisely people.

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What a day for Germany.

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Probably Spelunky.

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I love pretty much all mustards. My favorite is Deli or Dijon Mustard and my least favorite is Yellow Mustard.

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I may have mentioned this in an earlier thread today but my hope from all this is some sort of formal response from the GB dudes. And not just Patrick. Whether anyone realizes it or not, the Giant Bomb community is a direct reflection of the ideals of the Giant Bomb staff. When you stay silent on things like this, people are going to fill in that silence themselves and interpret it however they want. I get why Jeff and most of the other guys take a "stay out of it" stance with stuff like this and that's their right. But if you want the community to be less "toxic" or whatever, you need to speak out.

I'm working on something but I want to make sure that whatever I write is looked over by other staff members before I post it. Throwing gasoline on a fire is not going to help anyone at this point. Hopefully it'll go up tomorrow.

That's good to hear, Rorie. And while I'm hesitant to bring it up, I think it's worth mentioning that many people seem to only care about what Jeff in particular has to say about things. When Patrick has stood up against things in the past, many have dismissed it as not really representing the views of the site(aka. the head honcho, Jeff).

I appreciate all you continue to do in dealing with this, but in my opinion, if a staff statement is going to be made, Jeff weighing in would be the best way for most people to accept it. He's basically the face of Giant Bomb, and while his tweet about this was helpful, him personally being clear on this so that there is no getting around it would mean a lot to me and many members here.

Seconded top to bottom.

Thirded for sure.

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@rorie: The term is generally used derogatorily to point out the fact that that individual is not transgendered, or homosexual, and therefore their argument has no merit.

^is a good article to show how it is being used.

^While some of the points are valid in this blog (to a very minute, overgeneralized degree) it shows the usual intent of the phrase.

I'm not trying to beat a dead horse here, but as an openly gay male engaged to a transgendered woman, and part of the community as a whole, this is most definitely a slur. It wasn't intended to be at first, sure, but it certainly is now.

I'm not discounting you're experiences, but I have heard the phrase used many many times without it being a slur.

Funny thing about that, all these links are some of the first, on the first page of google if you search "cishet tumblr". The fact that's the case kinda proves my point. I urge you to do that search as well, and peruse some of the blog entries.

I don't know man, I'm just saying the way I've heard the word used is generally neutral.