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Well apart from the pretty large petition for Sega to port their backlog to PC, no, nobody else, sure.

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I'm going to wait and see where this leads. The Oculus guys have been smart cookies for a while, and with the additional funding and outreach, it'll certainly get the Rift out in the public eye.

Also I don't get how Sony is suddenly the savior, given they are also a giant company as well.

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RIP Ryan Davis, you will be missed by everyone.

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I expected it to be a broad showing of their new system rather than wholly gaming focused. Especially since they stated that kind of press conference is saved for E3. Which is why people complaining at the lack of games is annoying at best.

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I actually find this reveal pretty compelling, the design looks really sharp, and the magnetic cover with that keyboard is pretty clever. And since it's Windows 8 you can just reat the OS like any windows install with the Metro app thing I believe. So long as you get the Pro tho I think. Either way, makes usage of say Photoshop a lot more easier.

Also, usb port.

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You know, if they made the film based on Criterion's Hot Pursuit, and have wild car chases with suped up police cars with a plot, I might actually watch it.

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Adding new classes as cheap DLC would actually be compelling given how you can always have more and more vault hunters. That and having a large character customisation system in place, huge choice of looks and powers.

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Given how the crew at whiskey media and giant bomb take these decisions seriously in the mind that benefits us and their enjoyment of thir job, I'm optimistic about this.

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I for one will enjoy both X-com games.

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I don't know why a few people are still disappointed that Interplay couldn't make the fallout mmo they wanted. The Interplay that they remember isn't the Interplay that barely exists now.