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So I'm going to guess that the third advert will be one of the characters butt and we'll have covered the triangle of obvious sex appeal.

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Honestly, it was better than last year, and the best parts were the specially made character nominee videos and the exclusives. Sadly, it's also the opposite of what an award show would be. I found it incredibly odd that Bastion devs got their award during the preshow for three categories, and during the actual show the winners of categories were read out pretty quickly.

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Well that certainly made me more interested in the game than before. I thought it was just another regular shooter but set in Dubai with some sand terrain dynamics, but their take on a morality system sounds intriguing.

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Changed it as a precaution as mentioned and its unfortunate for any business to be hacked like this.

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Shame about Xcom being delayed but if it means being more polished, fair be it.

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Like that's a shock, but one I'm fine with. And since we're ending Altair's and Ezio's plots in Rev, should be interesting how it'll resolve itself in this "third" game.

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Normally I'd be skeptical of revisiting a location from a past game, but IV proved Rockstar North can make it a completely refreshing experience so I am quite excited to hear more about Five, even if it turns out to just be Los Santos.

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Suprise! There is no surprise.

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I really should get on to finishing Episodes of Liberty City, thank god I got it cheap on that 10th anniversary sale on Steam.

Anyways, woot for V. I suspect Los Santos or Las Venturas from San Andreas given how that V is designed, but the Washington DC in terms of money is an intriguing possibility. Still wish it was London after so long but oh well. Find out next week in anticipation.

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I thought unlocking modes early was fine when this was first announced, but now backtracking and making it a retail exclusive is a pretty crappy move. Regardless if it was the original intent or if they just decided to change it there and then.