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I think alot of the reasons why Bioshock 2 cannot surpass Bioshock 1 was simply because of its unique setting and atmosphere. It's not often we're whisked to an underwater metropolis with a surprisingly grabing story. Playing Bioshock 2 you kind of just go, been here before what else is new, more so when its only like 10 or so years after the first game. Doesn't help is stil takes on the same small flaws of the first despite improvements. 
Even so, Bioshock 2 is still engaging and the story and turn from freedom from governmental control to the concept of religion certainly gives a new outlook on Rapture. you just wished they went quite different in approach in the same way that Bioshock 1 was quite different in its style and location.

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No one, including the rest of the crew. Very rare do you worry so much if your decisions and choices may lead to their death or not, so kudo's to ME2 for that.

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Part of me isnt that surprised the game would get a lower score from reviews as the game to many is pretty torn on what many assumed Star Trek Online should or shouldn't be. Personally I'm enjoying the game but also agree to some of the criticisms. Despite it tho, I will still play it and given its an mmo would certainly grow and improve.