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I'm assuming this anniversary addition is just the original GTA3 rather than some HD remake or something, which would make it a better collection. Still, Claude figure is pretty good.

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That sounds like a reasonable way to do pre-order incentives I suppose.

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I'll bet 100 bison dollars it's tower defence multiplayer. :P

After I kidnap the queen of course.

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Seems pointless to say UK represent! when I have uk right in my name but there you go. Survey fill time!

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Having read a number of previews about MP3, I am a lot more excited for this third iteration. I think it's bold of them to shift the setting completely, but the fact they are keeping the core elements of what made Max Payne great should be an interesting combination.

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The hacking of people as an actual gameplay element sounds pretty cool really.

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So add this to the dozens of other video game movies that were licensed and never heard from again...

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Doesn't shock me in the least really. In the end, you just wait a week. You either think this is unacceptable, in which case you just don't buy the game, or you enjoy the main game till a week after to get the extra maps.

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As much as I dislike Homefront when I finished it those many months ago, I am still curious how Crytek will handle the title, as the setting as stupid ludicrous as it was was still interesting.

I just hope to god they do a better way of explaining how a rag tag group of resistance fighters can keep America's advanced RC war vehicle under wraps for so damn long.

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It wouldn't shock me if it really was a group of people spamming 0/10's simply because they can. For the lolz. Especially if it can bring a games overall scoring down. Cause if it's possible to, why wouldn't you do it?