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@Cubical: You sound like you need a hug or 20.
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Huh, I thought this game was already out given how long ago it was since that Quick Look. Will have to see how this game is when it comes out eventually.

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Certainly makes the whole bill scare a lot more understandable. I can see how it could still be a potential danger if it evolves beyond what it is currently laid out, but certainly not the end of video content people make it out to be.

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Not too surprising I suppose but I bet would pay dividends for grabbing Jeff Green.
Oh and PopCap too. :P

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Should just rename the game to Edge.
Oh wait, hang on....

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Man I hope this game doesn't have lobster monsters...

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My issue with it is that you treat all new players as potential griefers, traders or other undesirables simply because they are playing with a free account, ignoring that such practices occur with existing players anyway. It just seems like discrimination simply because you don't want to deal with it more specifically. 
Still, I can see why it was asked for, but I doubt it will stick around. After all, many complained when Valve fixed the idling issue.

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They better check if Drenched is trademarked as well just in case.

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Not too shocked a few gloss over the title in the comments and immediately hop on the "Blargh Activision hate greed COD sucks!" angle, but the whole thing is going straight to charity for veteren soldiers which is a good thing.
Say what you will about the company and Call of Duty in general, but if the con's money is going straight to charity, then it's fine in my books. That's not to say I agree COD warrants its own convention day, they can be pretty great shooters, but not massive enough to need such a thing but to each their own.

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Jurassic Park IV, the official videogame sequel.