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#1 Posted by Jeffmoocow (121 posts) -

The Phoenix Wright movie is probably the only one I've actually enjoyed.

#2 Posted by Jeffmoocow (121 posts) -

I think I got basically everything I wanted from this sale now? I bought Darksiders II, the Thief bundle, Sleeping Dogs, Mark of the Ninja and now Far Cry 3.

Pretty happy with this sale, now I just need to actually play these games.

#3 Posted by Jeffmoocow (121 posts) -

I don't think I know a lot of people who are going to buy this so this is awesome. Mine is Jeff Mukau.

#4 Posted by Jeffmoocow (121 posts) -

@Anwar said:

Did they play more of those crazy carts without cases? I was hoping for that. I watched 'only' 2 hours. Also what exactly did Jeff mean with his Hall of Fame?

They played Metal Jack: Armored Police and two copies of Bubsy, and I think that's it.

#5 Posted by Jeffmoocow (121 posts) -

Miike is such a weird choice but I'm also really excited to see how it turns out.

#7 Posted by Jeffmoocow (121 posts) -

One of the best videos that I've seen in a long time, it's crazy that he's only 19 yet is already making things like this.

#8 Posted by Jeffmoocow (121 posts) -

I feel so stupid now after getting hacked that I didn't sign up for that Blizzard Authenticator thing. 
Hopefully I can get my stuff back soon so I can get back to leveling up to 85.

#9 Posted by Jeffmoocow (121 posts) -

"Man on the Moon II" isn't that great other than a few tracks, if you want to listen to some great Cudi listen to his album "A Kid Named Cudi," it's easily his best.

#10 Posted by Jeffmoocow (121 posts) -

Woo guild level 5 
Also after talking about it in the guild chat last night I finally decided to get both Cata and Lich King, mainly because of the 15% off deal Blizzard has.

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