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@jeffrola: GB is a great community full of reasonable people as long as you're not making even the mildest critique of the crew. They're almost deified by some around here. It used to be way worse back in the day.

Yeah, that's the frustrating initial post was totally misconstrued; I wasn't having a go at Brad at all. I like all the GB guys for different reasons. I was simply wondering if anyone else got a kick out of the situation; it's very clear that when Destiny is brought up, Jeff gripes about its shortcomings and Brad agrees and then kinda shrugs, trying meagerly to counterpoint but not being very effective. It's just funny to me.

But, apparently I am hating on Brad and his choice of gaming. Which, to me, seems absurd but I guess that's what people saw in my post. Oh well...

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Whatever point you're trying to make is lost in the thread title, where you rudely besmirch Brad personally for no reason.

Been a GB subscriber for some years now. Never really came to the forums much but I've always been an advocate of GB and its community; the amount of butthurt and conclusion jumping in this thread is alarming and a bit disheartening.

This place seems to be no better than GAF or /r/gaming. Guess I'll go back to lurking.

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A lot of hate in this thread. I don't think the OP was saying that Brad can't like Destiny, just that he's trying very hard to explain why he likes Destiny despite everything that's wrong with it (and not doing a very good job.) That's the definition of apologist.

Thank you. I have genuinely felt bad by how much my original post was misconstrued by a lot of people on here. Some of my favorite podcast/QL moments this year were between Jeff and Brad when Destiny came up. Jeff pointing out his opinions on Destiny's shortcomings and Brad agreeing but still feebly defending it. I have found it amusing. That is all.

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Well, if people on here feel I'm being harsh or attacking Brad, I certainly did not mean anything by it; like I said, I've just been amused by his reaction to Destiny when discussing it with the other guys. I like Brad a lot so it was never meant as a negative.

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Pretty condescending to label someone's enjoyment of a game as "apologism."

You must not listen to the podcasts or watch the Detiny-related QLs and so on very often; Brad has an almost admirable way of trying to create a positive out of Destiny's many glaring weaknesses.

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People can like or dislike whatever they want. Get over yourselves.

I have never begrudged any of the GB guys (or, anyone for that matter) about what they like or dislike. I was just curious as to what you guys think about Brad's apologist nature when it comes to Destiny because he has to come to its defense a lot and I, personally, have found it quite amusing. Let's make things clear: I am neither bitching about nor attacking Brad for his defense of the most disappointing game of the year.

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Since Destiny's launch, I have gotten a kick out of how much of a Destiny apologist Brad is. After listening to the GOTY Day 1 podcast, it seems these deliberations might be a rough one for Mr. Shoemaker in this regard.

What do you guys think? Are you amused by his apologist nature? Do you find it annoying or aggravating? To me, it's funny but borderline sad as it almost seems like he's a man in denial about the true nature of the game he loves.

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