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Box Boy! should have its name changed to BOXBOY!, the official Nintendo spelling of the game

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Coupled this with a $5 off a $50 or more purchase coupon floating around, plus a one time use 10% discount code available through their wishlist app, I picked up a free copy of Wonderful 101 with two other games I was going to buy anyway.

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Been here for a while, and have done some silly community shit like the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run events. You're probably alright if you're here, so here's all my gaming account info if you want to be friendzzzzz

NNID: electricviking

Steam, Origin, PSN: electricviking78

3DS Friend Code: 2724-0864-9694

I'm trying to write more on my GB blog about gaming, so feel free to check out that dreck.

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Someone on Reddit beat me to this idea, so full disclosure there. But remember last year when Kane and Goldust had that little faceoff during a PPV and the crowd lost their shit? What if they finally did right by the Rhodes family and had Goldy fight his way up the tournament, win the WWE Championship, and then get cashed in on by Sheamus? It prevents the MITB cash in from stealing the heat of a younger winner (Reigns, Cesaro, etc.), and would be a great late career exclamation point on Dustin Rhodes' career. He doesn't need a full on reign. His dad held the NWA title in week long spurts most of the time, and fucking Kane had the thing for like a day but still was FORMER CHAMPION KANE.

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PSN: electricviking78

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I preordered XCOM out of confidence in Sid Meier's people, and Hyrule Warriors so I could get quick access to some OoT related bonus content. Those were outliers. I've considered preordering Xenoblade Chronicles X, but I figure I will likely be able to get a physical copy without much hassle around release. Waiting on English language reviews for the ultimate decision to buy.

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Hella late to this, but electricviking would be a good NNID to add for this as well.

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This is always the first thing that comes to mind when I think of video game box art. Plastic dinosaurs, painted silver, in space, with model air plane parts attached. They go fast!

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@oraknabo: I tried so hard to do just that. Hell, I got into stealthing around in missions for a while, and taking on optional objectives from my buddies to up the stakes a bit. There's a mission where you need to make your way up a hill into a well guarded fort and assassinate a target. I managed that in complete silence without alerting a soul. Probably used five rounds for the whole thing. It was great. Everthing around that mission, however, was the same old shit. Kamikaze truck drivers, respawning guard posts, all the same as it had been for the previous six or seven hours. It's just the same note carried too damn long.

I'm nearing the end of the game now and I'm still carrying around the same weapons I used at the start for the most part, but I've switched to an assault rifle and am just following the main objectives because the rewards for side content are not compelling enough anymore. I was hoping this new, brutalist approach would breath some new life into the game for me, but that's not really been my experience. Instead, it makes me wonder if this game is actually brief as hell, and all of the bullshit you deal with between missions is padding. Even the map design seems to aid this stretching of what seems like fairly thin content.

Hopefully the two sequels resemble Blood Dragon more than this, because Blood Dragon was rad and respected my time.

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Less than one percent of users who responded to the poll primarily use the Wii U. Where's the other guy?