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It gets better from here. We're all rooting for you, mang. Unless you're a total deadbeat scumbag asshole, in which case you got what you bloody deserved.

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Chris Benoit was my favorite wrestler growing up, even more than Mick Foley. Everything around his death is a tragedy, and I understand why the WWE has tried to distance themselves as far from Benoit as possible. A documentary about his life could be incredible; a shmultzy drama might be the worst thing ever made, especially if there is a bunch of foreshadowing like a previous post mentioned.

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Between Wii, DS, PS2, Gamecube, and Steam stuff, I've probably got 200 games in my backlog. I'm keeping track of what I've beaten on this list, and refuse to buy another game until that list has one hundred entries. I've even passed on the entire Steam Summer's been a rough week or so.

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The cabs came down to lucky draws for me. I eventually pulled off the cabs after a lot of retries.

The ambulance missions, on the other hand, are a thousand times worse. Driving somewhere fast is one thing. Driving multiple places fast enough and careful enough, dozens of times? It's on par with that damn shooting gallery in San Andreas in terms of my in-game accomplishments.

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I was raised damn near exclusively on country music through the early '90s, and luckily that was a great time to be listening to country. I'll echo the sentiment that contemporary stuff is too polished, it sounds like most of it is written in the hopes that they'll pull off some Shania Twain cross-genre hit. Without a hint of irony, the country station in GTA: San Andreas is the best radio station in any GTA game.

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@darji: It sounds like you and the OP are of different minds about a few Wii U games, which is fine. OP had fun with NSMBU, the circumstances surrounding that game having practically zero bearing on that fun, and the knowledge that a steady stream of solid first party games was pretty much a given as it is a Nintendo console. I imagine the early days of the Miiverse alone were crazy enough for some to justify the expense. Hell, I'd have jumped in just on the strengths of the Podtoid takeover of the Raving Rabbits Miiverse.

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You know what I like? Video games. You know, fun games that you can play alone or with other people. I'm in it to have fun. It's interesting to learn about how these games are made, and debate the merits of one platform over the other, but the bottom line for myself (and maybe @darthorange as well) is that I'll go wherever the fun is.

With that in mind, most of this thread is literally the worst thing in the world.

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Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks, and don't forget Twin Peaks.

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I'll be there again for a while, mang! That game breaks in some of the best ways I've ever seen towards the end.

For anybody interested I intend to continue the non-canonical adventures of Charlie Tunoku and Friends with more Nocturne this Thursday. It should be a lot of bleak fun!

There's also the OFFICIAL screen cap thread that I've started, so feel free to share any incriminating hilarious snaps you took over the weekend!