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@humanity: You might want to stay tuned if that's the case. That's all I'm going to say for now.

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@benny: That would be cool, as long as the game was SLAVES TO ARMOK II: DWARF FORTRESS. I played that game on a netbook for about three months, which is not an ideal way to experience it, and it still had me by the balls.

@blu3v3nom07: I don't see Dragon Warrior I up on the Wii Virtual Console. Insanity! COLLUSION! I know there are...ahem...other ways of playing your favorite classic games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, but I steer clear of that special dark alley of the Internet personally. One of us might have it though!

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@brackynews: Been thinking about picking up a PLEX or two for my account, you son of a bitch.

@ravenlight Agreeing is good. We few who would back VIII over other, better games in that series take a lot of flak for our beliefs. Better that we band together in the face of adversity.

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@ravenlight: I think the first disc of FF8 is all I could handle a second time. I really loved that game when I was in high school but on reflection it is not that great. Best music of the series though. Come at me.

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@tooprime: You are the first person to recognize that album art, and I've been using it for ten years. My brain hurts. It's a record I refuse to buy on CD because the vinyl is perfect.

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I bought my copy of Xenoblade new on a store shelf for $50. It was the only one in the shop, and the employee on shift said no more were on order. The print run was incredibly limited, and will never be repeated. When I saw people on Reddit willing to trade complete Metroid Prime Trilogy copies for Xenoblade, I realized I had my first real collectible game. It's just a crummy situation for everybody else left in the cold who wants to play it, and as there fairly simple illicit methods of getting the same game, Nintendo and Monolithsoft don't benefit either.

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@live2brighteous: That game looks blown out as balls, and if it's as short as you say I'd really consider jamming on it.

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@twolines: I think you should send me a PM and we should have a chat about this madness. One sitting?

Also, I've gone and made one of these fancy list things for your collective perusal. Enjoy!

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@fattony12000: We've batted a few coop ideas back and forth in the planning stages, and we're totally open to the idea. On a related note, have you heard of Defense of the Ancients 2?

For serious though, I might be able to hang with Neverwinter Nights coop action. You should PM me and we'll talk :)

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I made Platinum this year as well. I am both incredibly proud and deeply ashamed of this.

Also, people looking for a good points-to-dollars spread on a good game could also grab Sin & Punishment: Star Successor.