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I'm saving up for a move in a few months but holy shit this game looks amazing. I really hope the player base sticks around for a while so I can jump in later this summer and be a squid while also being a kid who is also a squid who is also a kid who is etc etc.

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I can sorta understand people complaining about how Kirby's Epic Yarn is a fluffy game for casuals and babies as it is fairly easy to complete the main story. Exploring levels to find all hidden objects is more of a puzzle than a "challenge" due to the lack of death. Obtaining gold medals in all stages is a nice way to push yourself to play at a higher level, though optional.

However, collecting all of the game's fabrics has had me cussing a blue streak for a few days now. Some of the latter challenges unlocked in that damn apartment ask for zero margin of error, punishing you for even the slightest misstep. It's been a very nice way to breath new life into the game for me, though I'm not nearly that happy about it when I'm being rolled into a snow pile for the thousandth time while trying to unravel and smash dozens of little shitfucks on Buster's Evergreen lift challenge.

The reward for 100% completion is practically nonexistent, but getting there is proving to be a blast along the way and I'm way too close to stop now. Anybody else out there play this thing to completion and find the difficulty curve surprisingly steep at the end?

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I'm not much of a Jeff, but I probably count for something.

There may be a contest. It will not be pretty.

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I'll bump a six year old thread, what the hell.

Straight up sideways controller goodness, my friend. I can't remember a time that I was made to shake the thing for gameplay related reasons. However, you will shake this thing in a seething, violent rage almost from the first minute of gameplay. This game is the graveyard of friendships.

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I'm doing this crazy thing where I play video games instead of watching the duders play video games. Turns out, it's a lot of fun.

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I need to watch this when I get home. Do you think this would be a worthwhile Wii U purchase?

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@corevi said:

Bayonetta 2

This is probably the best answer. My brain makes it exist on the same plain as stuff like Advanced Warfare, but that's probably me being wistful about my Wii U.

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I was running around on Polygon earlier and found this forum thread on AA gaming. It got me thinking about that fun space of games in between your blockbuster titles (Call of Duty et al) and the myriad independently developed games being published on all platforms today. A shining example of this type of game would be Binary Domain, which Vinny enjoyed quite a bit. Quality product with some production values for sure, but neither a 2D pixel art platformer nor a multi-million dollar Hollywood-style production. Hell, I think this group of games could even be stretched to include smaller projects by larger companies; this could be reflected both in the scope and budget of the game produced, and in the price point at which the game is released.

With that in mind, some of my standout B-tier games of the last year would be...

  • Wolfenstein: The New Order: Some have called this a sleeper candidate for upcoming GOTY talks. A stable shooter with a legendary pedigree, it was the first release for a 60-person studio in Uppsala (some of whom worked on The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay).
  • Child of Light: Ubisoft Montreal put this out as something of a skunkworks project, levegering the UbiArt framework that also produced the two recent Rayman games while also providing work to members of the Far Cry 3 team (which sort of explains the similar skill tree).
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt: Independently developed and published, sure, but not many indie games have the involvement of Keiji Inafune. Plays like a combination of Mega Man X and the pacifism mode of Geometry Wars 2, and it came with a free copy of Mighty Gunvolt (a proper pixel art indie platformer) at launch.
  • D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die: Microsoft published an episodic adventure game by Swery65, one which Patrick Klepek feels justifies the continued existence of the Kinect. Think about that.
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker: $40 new, build around the idea that Toad's backpack is too heavy for him to jump, featuring the same ridiculously good looking art style of Super Mario 3D World. I'm seriously about to piss my pants thinking about this game.

What else belongs on this list of humble, meat and potatoes, pot boiler games that kept us occupied while we waited for the tent pole releases of 2014?

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I have a list which somehow wound up with 101 entries, not knowing that the theoretical limit for ordered lists is 100 entries. Upon attempting to add a 102th entry, it alerts me that there is a cap on entries. When I try to delete the extra entry and save the change, I am warned that the list is empty and cannot save the change. When I try to delete the 100th entry (the idea being the 101st entry will shift down a spot) and save, I am warned about the 100 entry cap. Think I boogered this up really good somehow and I'm not sure how to fix it. I have the info saved locally so if it needs to be nuked it's not a huge deal, just thought it might be an issue that could affect others.