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I remember buying Coldplay's X&Y as a lad, back when I still enjoyed their stuff. "Fix You" starts with a slow, sort of ethereal organ and I was hoping the song would have a little more lyrical meat than the ones that came before it. And then

when you try your best but don't succeeeeeeeed

when you get what you want but not what you neeeeeeeed

when you feel so tired but you can't sleeeeeeep

stuck in reveeeeeeeeeeeeeeerse

I made one of those great "Pssssshh" sounds, popped that fucker out the CD player and graduated to liking Dream Theater, a band with REAL lyrics.*

*most Dream Theater lyrics are ass

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At first I was really hoping the "mock a game mechanic as you are including it in your fucking game" trope would be named and shamed as this year's Worst Trend, but holy shit the case for unfinished games winning is overwhelming.

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About 95% of what is said above is completely true; Sony and Microsoft didn't "make" the games mentioned, the overwhelming majority of their games have been rock solid, Nintendo's online infrastructure is still broadly acceptable in 2006, sample sizes are disproportionate as hell, and so forth. I was more intrigued by how perverse this feels to have TRUE NEXT GEN SYSTEMS getting exclusives with busted online features while completely insane Nintendo in the corner gets it right, within the span of about a month. More a shower thought than a flame war. Case and point, I'm inches from pulling the trigger on a new PS3.

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Sony's Driveclub seems to have been a catastrophe in terms of its online features, Microsoft's Master Chief Collection's matchmaking remains busted a week later, while meanwhile Nintendo has launched not one, but two games this year (Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. for Wii U) that seem rock solid in terms of basic online functionality from day one.

guys, what the hell is going on

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Donation Doubler still in effect until midnight, and we're powering through the last ninety minutes here!

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@blzzzrrttt and I are still plugging away here. I'm dropping in and out of DK 64 while he's getting down to nut cutting time in Binary Domain! We're about a third of the way to our goal! I'm delirious from exhaustion! Go Mets?

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Disk 4 of FFVIII, and @amlabella just cleared MGS3! Pokemon Snap is going down! #Bobbletaint is a thing!

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We're at $780 and @thatpinguino is just past 10 hours into a FFVIII speed run. Lots of broken game mechanics being exploited, fascinating stuff!

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I'm jumping back in with some options for you, the viewers at home! Huzzah!

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@blzzzrrttt: You're already on so when you stream this week, you're already defacto streaming for GBCER4! Just let your Twitch/Hitbox viewers know to check out Explosive Runs and encourage them to hit the big red donate button up top! Thanks for wanting to help out!