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Donation Doubler still in effect until midnight, and we're powering through the last ninety minutes here!

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@blzzzrrttt and I are still plugging away here. I'm dropping in and out of DK 64 while he's getting down to nut cutting time in Binary Domain! We're about a third of the way to our goal! I'm delirious from exhaustion! Go Mets?

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Disk 4 of FFVIII, and @amlabella just cleared MGS3! Pokemon Snap is going down! #Bobbletaint is a thing!

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We're at $780 and @thatpinguino is just past 10 hours into a FFVIII speed run. Lots of broken game mechanics being exploited, fascinating stuff!

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I'm jumping back in with some options for you, the viewers at home! Huzzah!

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@blzzzrrttt: You're already on so when you stream this week, you're already defacto streaming for GBCER4! Just let your Twitch/Hitbox viewers know to check out Explosive Runs and encourage them to hit the big red donate button up top! Thanks for wanting to help out!

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@fattony12000: These aren't video games, you plebe. These are fucking art.

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What, you're not watching this thing LIVE at this instant? Go, get in there and help #TeamOdd seize the day!

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I'm working towards my own goal of $500, which will go towards training a new teacher somewhere in the world. For every $50 of that, I will be reading a few chapters the single greatest piece of Harry Potter fan faction ever written.

goddamn it