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What, you're not watching this thing LIVE at this instant? Go, get in there and help #TeamOdd seize the day!

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I'm working towards my own goal of $500, which will go towards training a new teacher somewhere in the world. For every $50 of that, I will be reading a few chapters the single greatest piece of Harry Potter fan faction ever written.

goddamn it

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I'm going to be playing some Day of Reckoning 2 tomorrow at 1900 PDT as part of Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run Goes Fourth. If that's not wrestling-related enough for you, check this out:

You know you want to check this out with me.

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@bollard will kick things off with some ES4: Oblivion. @vash10 intend to be there, at 0400 local time, to help kick things off. I will be playing @jeff's favorite Mario games tomorrow starting around 1000 PDT. And did I mention we're giving away some games again? It's true! A donation of any amount will get you in the drawing for a slew of vidcons! Get yourself in the drawing and help improve access to education for children around the world at once! All you have to do is BOLIEVE!hit the red DONATE button!

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I've been trying to go through backlog stuff and have beaten twice as many games in three years as I had in the twenty-four beforehand. Lately I've been really strongly considering playing through Skyward Sword on Hero Mode. I've also put a tooooon of extra time into Skyrim, Morrowind, and Civ IV.

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Testing out Zandronum setup at present. For those interested, look for the server GBCER4, password is "castbufu". Currently running GothicDM, one of the all-time great deathmatch wads.

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What in the name of Oblivion is Oblivion?

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I am going to be hosting a Zandronum server all weekend. Download Zandronum, load in your Doom II .wad file and be prepared for loads of stupid shit. I may or may not be running Gothic99 with music pulled from Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden.