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@hammondoftexas: Just wait until you guys see the Mad Libs I have coming my way. It's gonna be something special.

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Dearest of Duders,

Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run 3 is kicking off this Friday, April 18th! Join us directly after Unprofessional Fridays as we stream for charity all weekend long. Expect to see Endurance Running, Mad Libs, guest appearances, and hopefully a lot of really stupid shenanigans!

Over two events last year, we raised nearly $2000 for Child’s Play. This time around we've decided to donate to the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA) and their CPAP Assistance Program. We hope to outdo our previous outing by setting the goal at $2500!

Although our streams will be found on Twitch, the best place to watch us will be at, created by @chaser324. You can watch as many as four streams at once, and chat with other viewers!

If you’re interested in streaming with us or otherwise joining the cause, contact @jeffrud. If you’d like to donate, you can do that here! If you can’t donate, help us spread the word! #GBC3R


P.S. We're also giving away a ton of digital copies of games, plus a few things that exist in three dimensional space that you will definitely NOT want to miss. -Mgmt.

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...I want to have a period sometime soon in which the belt moves around on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

The way to do this is pretty straightforward and would be great for the Network (i.e. making me watch Superstars):

1. Make the United States Championship something defended like the old ECW/WCW Television Championships, which were defended and traded on a fairly regular basis during free television; or

2. Make a new Television Championship. They already killed/merged one belt, so why not make another?

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I've stopped using fast travel, but I have used the carts outside of major towns to get around as that seems like a reasonable "kayfabe" means of getting from place to place with an actual penalty.

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So, anybody planning on meeting up to watch pro grabs this weekend. I live in the Greater Seattle Area and would be happy to invite some duders over for beer and the potential for unfathomably stupid shit LIVE.

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Thanks to a GBA SP that showed up in the mail, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance has me loosing all sorts of sleep (and missing the occasional train stop).

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Wii U Defense Force, assemble!

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Borderlands 2 was a horrible experience for a number of reasons. Every time a character opened their mouth, I wanted to die again. Wretched.

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Persona 4 is in my PS2, I get to it when the mood hits me. Mostly focused on The Dark Spire, Phantasy Star II, and Gish. I'm fifteen games short of having beaten AN HUNDRED GAMES.

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I'm still willing to go along with the dream of myself and the rest of the IWC falling for the work of the century on some sort of Daniel Bryan long con. It sucks that he wasn't in the Rumble, but I could have lived with that. What gets my goat is that Batista, a guy who's entire career myself and many others missed (because we bailed somewhere after WMX-7 and didn't come back until the Summer of Punk), is back for one week and then is handed the Rumble and a main event match at WM. I've enjoyed watching "my" wrestlers bust their asses for months now, and here comes somebody I don't know or care about getting blown up like a buster and eliminating Roman Reigns. It sucks.