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Wii U Defense Force, assemble!

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Borderlands 2 was a horrible experience for a number of reasons. Every time a character opened their mouth, I wanted to die again. Wretched.

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Persona 4 is in my PS2, I get to it when the mood hits me. Mostly focused on The Dark Spire, Phantasy Star II, and Gish. I'm fifteen games short of having beaten AN HUNDRED GAMES.

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I'm still willing to go along with the dream of myself and the rest of the IWC falling for the work of the century on some sort of Daniel Bryan long con. It sucks that he wasn't in the Rumble, but I could have lived with that. What gets my goat is that Batista, a guy who's entire career myself and many others missed (because we bailed somewhere after WMX-7 and didn't come back until the Summer of Punk), is back for one week and then is handed the Rumble and a main event match at WM. I've enjoyed watching "my" wrestlers bust their asses for months now, and here comes somebody I don't know or care about getting blown up like a buster and eliminating Roman Reigns. It sucks.

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@bisonhero: I'm in the homestretch of Strange Journey, after what the game reports as 71 hours (let's assume about three of those were completely idle). I've really enjoyed the plot of the game, and it's got me hankering to try out other similar nonsense like Etrian Odyssey or The Dark Spire. There's also a lot of very impressive spritework in the game, if that matters.

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@video_game_king: Picked it up about two months ago and I'm enjoying the pants off of it. Great music, battle mechanic that isn't stale after the first hundred times, ENEMIES ON SCREEN AKA NO RANDOBATTLES, and the protagonist isn't an insufferable tweener.

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@elwoodan said:

The biggest disappointment in gaming was peoples unexcellence towards one another, what with all the journo beeves, Phil Fish hating and CoD developer death threats.

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@mc_hify: I've played a few of Love's games, and actually was in touch with her about doing grad school level research on Analogue: A Hate Story (appropriation of Korean culture, Korean indie scene online, etc.) Digital: A Love Story was the best game I played last year, hands down. I shared Don't Take it Personally with this housemate a while ago and she enjoyed it quite a bit.

@endaround This outfit has a ton of stuff! I don't think $20 is an unreasonable price for a thoughtfully made visual novel-ish game; are they worth the price of admission? My frame of reference is unfortunately Christine Love's stuff, most of which is free.

Also, I guess it's encouraging that this conversation could stay somewhat on the rails over time. I agree that the lady in question is pretty damn picky about what she'll play, and that this is probably a wasted effort. If anything, it's nice to see a discussion of how people or various gender and sexual identities have been represented in our collective hobby. That's the whole point of this site, isn't it? A compendium of all video game knowledge?

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@bocam: Honestly, I have no fucking clue. I live in the Pacific Northwest and have friends of every possible stripe. I live in constant (imagined?) fear of accidentally offending people for not being informed. I don't think I'm alone in being unflinchingly in favor of gender/sexual equality while not feeling particularly compelled to know the entire "alphabet soup" chant.

@iigrayfoxii I suppose we'd all be interested in seeing an avatar that bears some resemblance to us as we're playing a game. That's why Skyrim and the like go over so well, far as I can tell. It's not something I think about very often, but that might have something to do with most games being headlined by straight white men. I can empathize with that on some level! My housemate is a petite queer woman, and I think she's put off by the notion that games don't push characters that look like her.

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I'm a shit boring white dude in his twenties, living with two nice ladies. We've all got weird schedules, but when we do hang out we can usually agree on fairly nerdy fare (Doctor Who, anime, tabletop roleplaying, etc.) Two of us were pretty into Final Fantasy and Japanese RPGs as teens.

This other gal has recently outed herself to us (we had our suspicions). She's put it to us that the reason she doesn't really enjoy video games is a lack of anything even resembling a strong lesbian lead character. She plays a lot of doujin dating sims and enjoyed Saint's Row IV for the first hour or so, until it became too tough for her to hang with (not an expect with a dual-stick controller). She has jammed on some Let's Play stuff for Bioshock Infinite and other story-heavy games, and put it to myself and my other roommate that she'd be down to essentially "drive" one of us through a game to get to story bits.

Right now my best bet is the Mass Effect trilogy, which allows for all manner of queer characters. There's also (stick with me) Final Fantasy X-2, which at least tells a story about an all-female J-pop band with costumes as a mechanic. She's very into musicals. Also Madoka Magika.

What other games do you think would be worth looking into to entertain my good, recently outed friend?