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@cadwr: As a die-hard TeamMessy member, know that I pledge to do my part t keep things just filthy. Also, we've got a hell of a Long Live the Queen game going alongside a slew of N64 "hits" by SuperGooder, plus XCOM for the tactically inclinced. We're also raffling off a game an hour, with Counterstrike: Global Offensive being up until thirty minutes from now. JOIN US!

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@corruptedevil: I'll be responding to your message in about two shakes. We've got a hell of a team lining up here!

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@behardy: That's very kind of you! Seeing as they've got probably orders of magnitude more readers than Giant Bomb, that probably helps us a lot come this weekend!

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You are all going to shit the bed when you see some of the new art we just got.

Speaking of which, if you want to throw together some art about this event, I'll see that it is posted into our Fundly page. There's also room for lengthy comments on donations which will show up a public wall, so feel free to share any thoughts or memories there.

For instance, #TeamMessy would be a great thing to share. It shows that you have class and are probably overqualified for your job. Also handsome, robust, and just better than those #TeamEven schmucks.

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@behardy: We'd definitely love to have you aboard in any capacity, keep me in the loop and we'll try to get you on the bill if it works out for you!

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If a certain piece of equipment shows up as scheduled, I will be playing Beyond Good & Evil for the chosen console, Nintendo's Cube of Game's. If I change my mind because of reasons, I will play something that @alex would enjoy. If that all falls through, well...

This is going to be a thing.









I'm so sorry

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@ramone: Check your Giant Bomb dot com inbox, you're part of an official thread for secret badasses...though everybody can see this, so I guess the secret is out now. *shrugs*

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@fattony12000: In your stead, I will be doing stereotypically British things like invading African countries and putting HP Sauce on everything I eat.

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@chaser324: Thank you so much for dealing with our nonsense. I am inclined to send you a bottle of fine hard liquor of your choosing, should you be interested.