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So they announced a first person dungeon crawler based on P3 and P4, new content for a good 2D fighter, and a harmless dancing game with a HYPE AS FUCK announcer...and this is the end of the world? Let's all chill out a bit. Atlus is not obligated to make Persona 5.

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Both Gamspot/Giant Bomb are absorbed into Gamefaqs.

All quick looks are now text files.

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Based on a little interest in another forum post for this game, I went ahead and founded a MiiVerse community for Giant Bomb users who are having a go at Wii Fit U. It's region locked to NA (not sure if South America is included) so there might need to be an EU/AU gym at some point as well.

GB Windjammers: 6927-9904-9111

Who knows what sort of nonsense might be spawned from this? Guess you'll have to join up (and eventually find yourself a Wii Fit Meter) to find out! Let's do this thing!

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@spinthelights: I'd be willing to start one if there are others interested.

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I'm calling MONSTERS on everybody choosing games not called ELITE BEAT AGENTS.

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Schedule is pretty up in the air until the squad is assembled, but I figure once every other week for three hours-ish is a nice goal. Depending on where we all are in the world, it could be a lot of timezone fun (I'm on the US West Coast, for reference).

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Who's invited? Well, all of you. Just four or five people, and some folks from the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run chat (@pazy, @the_boots ) get priority as I recall them expressing interest. Don't worry if you're a beginner, we all start somewhere. I've DM'ed before but never over the Interwebz, so I'll be just as green as you in some respects. Who's bloody interested?

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I was playing Phantasy Star II all weekend for the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run. That game has a lot to love, minus the insane amount of grind necessary to beat it. To the Genesis!

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The good news is as follows:

1. I'll be playing Hatoful Boyfriend with a person named Beth TONIGHT at 11pm PDT (said Beth might be home late but I'll be starting regardless),

2. I'll be finishing Phantasy Star II in the coming days, so you can watch me GRIND TO INFINITY,



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