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A solid, if short, platforming adventure game 0

I think the Quick Look might have contained some unrepresentative language about this game being some sort of open sandbox. I found it to be more like Psychonauts than anything else, though without a plot to propel you forward. The game is is a fairly linear one, but it keeps you engaged by forcing you to learn how best to use a set of tools to manipulate an environment into allowing you forward. There are a few item hunt-y sidequests and minigames (in the form of arcade cabinets hidden through...

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Super Meat Boy for Linux: Masocore for the Masses 0

I’ve yet to see Indie Game: The Movie. This is probably a sad state of affairs, and puts me at something of an informational disadvantage to people who are passionate about Team Meat’s debut title Super Meat Boy. Games are not developed in a vacuum; I feel that the context surrounding a game’s development is usually worth consideration, and while I can speak a little bit about the history of this particular title, this is by no means a retrospective.Having said all of that, I honestly feel that ...

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FTL for Linux: Rogues in Space! 0

This review, like the ones to follow, will focus both upon the game itself and its Linux implementation. The reviewer dual-boots into Windows 7 and is thereby better equipped to cross-reference performance issues and the like.If FTL is any indication of the sort of quality we can expect from the games the Internet has collectively Kickstarted this year, Linux users should be prepared to lose hundreds of work hours to gaming in the coming months. Though the zeitgeist surrounding it has cooled som...

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