Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition Round 2 UnBoxing GET HYPE

Ordered a TE R2 on the 16th and today its here yay! So since its kinda of a big purchase I decided to make a REAL unboxing video(unlike someone who recently got a new TE)

So far the stick feels great, I love how heavy it is and it looks bad ass. :)
If you want a proper review head over to iplaywinner for Jared's review.

TECH NOTE: No idea why but the audio for some of the video is all janky but you get the idea.

Spartans never die, their just MIA

 After just watching the first actual trailer for this game (via VGA's) I can fully say that I am 100% pumped for this game, judging by the names they threw around in the trailer its going to be exactly like the book. WHICH IS AMAZING. I was worried they were going to make it some weird alternate version of Reach but nope there totally going to have the cast from the book. Also I am really digging the character design, its not just a bunch of Master Chiefs running around. They, like in the books, have there own unique armor which just added to my excitement to this game. I absolutely cannot wait for this game.
Is anyone else not extremely excited for this game after seeing that???


I fucking love the SF4 boards.

      I was thinking about that a few weeks ago. I think its amazing how great of a community we have here in the SF4 boards. No other forum has this, after persona 4 ended people stopped posting there except for the odd post here and there, not here almost a year later were still alive and kicking and its amazing. Everyone knows everyone, we can say pretty much anything to anyone and not get in trouble, Stang you suck. Of course we get the odd new comer who doesn't understand (i.e. the GET HYPE haters) what we are about and tries to  change us or join us and fails. But w.e. that's whats so great about it. I fucking love it here, and I really think this board is so under-appreciated its disgusting. Were such a large community (in terms of sub forums) but never get a shout out or nothing from the crew kinda ridiculous if you ask me, then again they never really do anything like that so who knows.
I fucking love this place. There have been a few threads about what do you love the most bout giantbomb? To be perfectly honest its this forum, its the hype we generate over every little tournament and match played, its actually backing up our trash talk on the forums with real play. Not to mention the almost celebirty status some players have here, LordOfUltima comes to mind here, there so well known even outside of giantbomb because of there contributions to Street Fighter 4 and it all stems back to one place. Street Fighter 4 forums. 
get Hype.
EDIT: gonna say this now, im tired as hell as of this writing...I'll fix this up in the morning.

Street Fighter 4 is my GOTY


In late February 2009 Street Fighter 4 was released. Leading up to its launch I had listened intently to everything the bombcast had said about it to get hyped up for it. At the time I was a fan of fighting games but only casually I had never watched one be played or anything like that (I don’t even think I really knew was Evo2k was) and I was generally pretty bad at them and never understood how to combo anything and for the most part mashed (Soul Caliber comes to mind here) After hearing everything to be said about Street Fighter 4 I decided it was a must buy and pre ordered the collector’s edition. On February 28 (I think) 2009 I went to pick up my copy. I haven’t been the same since.

                Street Fighter 4 started out slow for me I got mad a lot broke a head set because of how broken some things seemed to me. But for the most part I stuck with it. Blanka was my main for the most of this time (even now he’s my main) I had decided to play him before the game had come out because of how different he looked. I was not let down. Blanka has scored me a lot of easy wins during my time with Street Fighter 4 and I acknowledge that, but there have also had some real nail bitters that make me appreciate Street Fighter 4 even more.

 Now almost a year later I am still fully invested into Street Fighter 4 more than I have even been invested into a game before. To me a perfect game should make you experience a full range of emotions while playing it weather that’s threw story or gameplay. While playing SF4 I have experienced happiness, sadness, anger, bewilderment, astonishment, and so much more. These were all achieved because of one thing, the gameplay. I’ve played all the great RPG’s that have come out in the past few years, and the games that people said were a “roller coaster ride of emotions” but I have never felt what I feel when I play Street Fighter 4. Whether it’s a clutch win or a heartbreaking loss I love it all, honestly I think SF4 has touched me more than any story in a game ever can. Each moment in a fighting game is like its own mini story that rivals that of any RPG. It’s truly amazing.

Finally, since SF4 came out I became aware of the tournament scene and since finding it I have followed every major tournament that happened this year and loved every moment. I’ve stayed up until 5am for some and had to stop myself from yelling and cheering. SF4 is more entertaining than any sport has ever been for me. If someone pulls off something clutch I GET HYPE and yell and scream about it for days. I love it. My last day of summer was spent staying up will 3am watching a SF4 tournament and while watching it I thought to myself, is this really what I want to me doing right now? Shouldn’t I be out getting drunk or something dumb? No, this is where I want to be I don’t want to be anywhere else, was my answer. I still believe that.

So to wrap this wall of text up. Last year I could not for the life of me pick a Game of the Year, not that they were shitty none of them screamed game of the year to me. This year was easy, Street Fighter 4 all the way baby. Nothing compares to the experience I have had with it and honestly I don’t think anything ever will...except maybe Super Street Fighter 4.

Get Hype.


Jeffsekai vs SpecialBuddy GET HYPE!!!

So me and SpecialBuddy did some super casual matches a few days ago (some of the matches recorded are a straight up joke haha). But there's some good combos and matches sprinkled through out, so I recommend watching them all :).  I defiantly play better in these videos than I did against JJOR64 SO CHECK IT SON

  I tried to embedded the playlist but I cant get it to work :(

Jeffsekai vs JJOR64

Myself and JJOR64 played some matches last night, and I must say I didn't do very well. My play was off the whole time so I really only included the matches that were actually close. Out of the 20 or so matches I only won 1 . I defiantly need to find some answers for a turtle because as you will see I pretty much just give him the win alot of the time. Oh well, enjoy!


Violence in Video Games


     In the article Gaming and Violence by Harvey Rothwell, Harvey writes about how a boy who played a lot of video games essentially took the law into his own hands and died because of it. The boy was shot and killed with his own hand gun by the custodian Brice Smith after a botched robbery. After the boy’s death Coalition against Teen Subversion (CATS) is calling for a Canadian ban on internet communities for students under the age of 16. For the most part I agree, I think that kids should not have access to online communities until they are at least 16+.

                Kids are like sponges they suck up any information that is presented to them, which is why they should be banned from online communities, I say this because most online communities are sees-pools of hate and violence towards each other. It is the last place any parent should let their kid spend time. So really it’s not the violence in the actual game I am worried about (TV, movies, and music are easier to use and just as violent/vulgar) it’s the people that they will interact will interact with. I have been on X-Box Live for almost 4 years and I cannot even fathom the amount of times I have heard the words nigger, fuck you, shit etc. But I don’t let it bother me (I also report the person that spews this hate) but I cannot say the same for kids (heck half the time it is a kid saying the vulgar words), because of this I think that kids should be allowed to play the games online as long as they meet the ESRB’s age restrictions) but should be banned from talking to others, they should be able to still talk to friends and people they know.

                A lot of people would probably ask how I can count the actual violence in video games as such a moot point. Well that’s quit easy for me, if the parents are supervising their kids (You know instead of using the video game as a babysitter) and talking about right and wrong, and the difference between the virtual worlds vs. the real world. I for example grew up with Mortal Kombat, and Turok two extremely violent video games and I turned out fine, mostly because my mom was always making sure I know what I was doing and that it was not okay to do in real life.

                At the end of the day this whole “violent video games are evil” thing will be over this same exact thing happened to TV, Movies, and Music. It’s just a collection of people freaking out about something they do not understand. Education on the subject of violent video games would be beneficial to both parents and their children. Also, the video game industry has its own rating system called the ESRB which rates games based on their content (i.e. violence, drugs, and sex) and gives them an appropriate rating, E for Everyone, T for Teen, and M for Mature are the main ones. So if a child is playing an M or T game and the child is not actually old enough it’s not the video game industry’s fault it’s the parents. At the same time just following these letter grades isn’t where the parenting should stop, parents need to make sure they know who their child is talking too, because generally people online are horrible people and as such kids should not be allowed to interact with the online gaming community until they are 16 or older.


Street Fighter: 4 and Me

As some of you may know a month or so I made a post that basically said I was ready to quit SF4 because of limitations I experienced within my own thought process while playing. Well I took alot of the advice I got to heart and now a month in the future i belive I am a much better SF4 player and have defiantly gotten over that wall I was at before. 
I went back to the drawing board on which character I wanted to use, not so much as a main but just to break the habits I had gotten into while playing Blanka. I bounced around from Akuma, M.Bison, Rose, and E.Honda. I went though all of these characters hard trials in an attempt to learn then and then i went online with them and now like i said before a month later I am at the very lest decent with each of the before mentioned chars and also as a result I was able to improve my Blanka game and break alot of the habits I had developed which is great!! 
Defiantly enjoying the game a lot more now.   :D
In other news a very good fighting game resource just recently received a face lift, and a revamped SF4 guide section I suggest everyone check it out.


I love you why don't you love me back.

I main Blanka and use a SE stick with modded parts

I bought Street Fighter 4 first day and have been playing it since I have over 150hrs of game time in it, I love it when im doing well ( and even sometimes when im not) I'd like to think Street Fighter 4 is one of my favorite games ever and that im better than the average player. But even after all this time I still cant wrap my head around even some of the most basic prince-ables of Street Fighter 4 most notably combos(Links in particular) and cross-ups. I have no idea what it is with trying to link things together that gives me such a hard time I either just end up spamming the button (even tho I know that wont work..) or waiting too long and miss the combo seriously its depressing when I read everything I have and still cant preform one of the most basic things in the game. Secondly the cross-up I can neither do a cross-up or defend againt one...ever. When ever I try to do a cross up(with Blankas it just fails they either just anti air me or I don't even make it over them and then get raped. Now before you ask I under stand the concept very well of defending the cross-up you just block in the opposite direction but no matter how hard I try or how fast I block in the other direction it never works, I either get crossed up anyways or they don't make it over me and im left walking into them. And if I try to use Blankas up-ball? nopeee they either punish it completely or we trade...hell even if I go for electricity it never comes out in time EVEN if i am using turbo (which I never do unless im testing this very situation) it never works and it saddens me that I can't do anything about it..I;ve have a perfect going un-till the other player decides to cross me up works and they do ti again they then reliase they have a good thing going and win the match.
 Now this is'nt me calling Street Fighter 4 a bad game..hell no I think its amazing and I love watching it and playing it( as I said before) I am just so frustrated with it right now to the point where its depressing. I think part of the reason why I have such a hard time with combos is my character choice, Blanka, I love the guy and even before the game came out I decided he was going to be my main because of how different he played...little did I kn ow how little combos he actually had not to mention hes a charge character. By picking him up as soon as the game came out I seem to have built a huge wall between me and every single other character in the game (except maybe geif) I tried learning the shotos but can't do any of there combos or apply any of there basic stratiges to my gameplay to help me get better with them but nothing works I'm stuck just throwing fireballs and spamming dragon punch while I mash on light punch.
I really don't know what to do at this point, I really wanna keep enjoying street fighter but even the newish people in player matches seem to give me a hard I said before its depressing. I am sure I'll just keep working on it mabey try to learn how to FADC or somthing hell I don't know....
I love you...why don't you love me back.
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