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ohhhh shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


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I am thinking of picking this game up because Far Cry 3 with Co-op sounds great. But I am wondering if anyone knows how it works, is it drop-in drop-out at any time like say a borderlands or is it more like some special co-op missions?

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At this point who cares???

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Are we going to get the same narrative last time this happened? Steam basically said fuck off to EA when they wanted to have some more rights to their own games along side steam. So because of that EA ended up moving everything to Orgin. But of course everyone's ignore that it's basically Vales fault we can only get most EA games on Orgin, and blames EA.

I can only assume Giantbomb and everyone else will do the same this time, and blame Ubi.

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Good bye Dave :(

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Hey Guys! My friend is stream for extra life, come check out her stream and watch her scream like a child! for the kids!!!

You can find her Extra Life page here:


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I think I used to wait for the review. Now though I'd rather watch the Quick Look AND listen to opinions on the Bombcast. Both of these together tell me way more about if I would like the game or not. For example looking at the Destiny review, 4/5 isn't bad. But hearing about Brad and Jeff talk about it, makes me know it's not the game for me.

Even with that said, when it came to Alien Isolation, I only looked at the review. When it comes to these kind of games I really only trust Patrick, so once I saw his review I basically knew how I would feel about it if I were to buy it. So I guess it depends on the game!

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I'm really interesting in trying to complete the raid. Got to the Templar with a group once and everything went to hell.

Level 27 Hunter, both subclasses maxed. Playing on PS4. Located in GA, so EST time. Off work all day tomorrow (10/20), so I'm ready to rock.

PSN: xPumpkinXkingX

If adding me, please just notify that you are a part of the GB forums with a simple "GB" or "Duder" or "Hey, Small Businessman!"

This feels like I'm setting up an online dating profile...

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I'm curious as to why this site was so quick to write on 2 death threats targeting "anti-GG'ers" but never mentioned anything about the people who were being attacked with death threats who were on the side of neutral or GG (Totalbiscuit and Boogie have both been neutral, both have which have seen constant harassment from anti-GG'ers for not picking a side.) All these people have asked is for everyone to calm the fuck down, and speak rationally. Where is the blog post about that?

I definitely fall on the side of thinking this whole thing is fucking stupid. The difference is that I feel both sides are equally dumb. What upsets me personally and why I find myself siding with the "GamerGate" crowd (which is still a stupid name). They seem to be the only ones willing to point out the bullshit on both sides. When the latest death threat on Anita happened, I found myself on r/KotakuInAction (which is a pro-GG subreddit) the only comments comments I found were people saying the guy who did it was an idiot, and other people saying death threats are not the answer etc. The point is, no one on the forum was actively calling for these death threats to happen, which is 100% the impression you get reading the news/tweets from people on this site.

Remember when 1 person would be an asshole as we knew he was an asshole, and we just ignored him. Now all of a sudden that same asshole makes the same threat he would have made anyways, but he adds a hashtag to it and all of a sudden he is speaking for an entire group of people.

I don't know, I have a hard time articulating this crap. It's all dumb, and everyone needs to chill the fuck out, and stop trying to paint the other person as the next Hitler.

Let's all just go back to being friends.