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Sorely Underrated and Underappreciated 2

Final Fantasy XII is the first single-player game in the long-running Japanese RPG series to diverge from the classic turn-based combat and take a more innovative Western approach to RPG gameplay.  Drawing inspiration from such titles as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, World of Warcraft, the original Baldur's Gate series on PC, as well as past Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy XII creates a unique play experience that combines the best of traditional Japanese RPG's and Western PC RPG's...

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The Welcome Return of one of the Greatest Shooters of all Time 0

Back in 2001, an ambitious FPS MMO called World War II Online was released.  Although it was plagued with technical issues and was overly focused on "realisim," at its heart was a brilliant idea -- recreate World War II as an online shooter with a mix of infantry, armory, aircraft and artillery.  Despite a slow pace and frequent deaths and long hikes after respawn, World War II Onlline held moments that had never been experienced before in an online shooter -- such as a pinned down squad being s...

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