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yeas teh ilumanati r tryign 2 take over the wolrd

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I'm sorry, but I'm just going to have the report you to the cyber police.

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@iAmJohn said:
" There are unfortunately some very poor pages on the Wiki.  There's this one page I always happen onto by accident that makes me angry every single time I see it because it's basically written like a poorly-worded review and is the worst thing ever.  But I can never remember which one it is. :(  The point is, lazy assholes want easy points. "
Further strengthening the point of a wiki history. The admins/mods most likely have it, but when you have a wiki history open for everyone to see it would encourage people to think a little more before they make their edits. 
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@AjayRaz said:
" it's not. the top editor (who i'll assume wrote that page) has 1,000+ wiki points so his submission wasn't moderated. you can try to put up a wiki task here to get someone to fix that mess of a page  "
The top editor is also a moderator. 
That's... uh... what?
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I was checking a game that I remember enjoying but everyone else hating, and out of interest I checked it's Giant Bomb wiki page.     
Really? The same text is repeated twice with bad grammar, and the rest is just copy and pasted straight from Wikipedia. And this has been there for God knows who long. There should be some sort of edit history feature like on Wikipedia to see who has done what. I'm sure I'm coming off as a jerk here, but again: really?  
You might say "just edit it yourself", but it was years ago I played that game and I don't really remember much of it, so I probably wouldn't be qualified to write anything about it. 
End of semi-rant. 
EDIT: Someone has now filled out he article with original content and made it miles better than before. Big kudos to that person, but this does not solve the problem in general. I will repeat what i said in my posts below. If  you have a wiki history open for everyone to see it would encourage people to think a little more before they make their edits. I think this would be a step forward to a better wiki.

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I put on my useless polls before my dumb replies.

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@ZeroCast said:
" @ShaunassNZ:   ...It's not like anyone here would even dare to put pornographic pictures as their avatar. "
Oh reaaaall-- 
No, I shouldn't... the urge...
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@CaptainObvious said:
" I understand that you guys can't handle the raw sex appeal of Carlton, but I'm not changing my avatar. "
I'm at work, you know. What if my boss caught me looking at Giant Bomb and seeing Carlton, huh? Do you know how much trouble I can get into for that?
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@LiquidPrince said:
" @Jeknod said:
" @LiquidPrince said:
" @ShaunassNZ: My chick is not a slut. I'd punch you in the face if I heard you call her that in person. Secondly, I don't think you understand what porn is. "
Yvonne Strahovski is such a slutty slut. "
Are you 12? "
Do I go with the over-used and ironic "yes" answer or do I go even edgier and whip out a "no" answer, and put you down immediately?