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I learned that I either like games a lot more than the GB community or a lot less. Different games resonate with different people in different ways, I guess. I found each of the crews' takes to be interesting in their own respects and I wasn't offended at all by anything that went down.

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I might get the Witcher 2, but I'm not so sure yet. Other than that, I think I'm ready for Mass Effect 3.

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Last: Universe Sandbox (for 3 minutes)

First: Bejewled for iOS (for 7 or 8 minutes)

I guess I lost.

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My PC! I'm expecting my best purchase of 2012 to be a second/new video card.

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I'd like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, please!

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I can only speak for the PC version, but yes, there are plenty of players and the multiplayer is great. However, the campaign is pretty bad. I wouldn't trust whoever told you it was good. Still, it's definitely worth owning.

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I have enough posts and can offer you unconditional love!

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Right now I've got an i5-2500k system with a GTX 560 (non-Ti, so more like an OC'd 460), and 8 gigs of RAM. While it runs most games just fine, I'm not getting 60+FPS in BF3 or Skyrim (I play in 1080p), and now that I've got the cash I'd like to get another 560.

I have this motherboard:

and V1 of this PSU:

and I'm looking to add a second one of these:

I don't see why the motherboard would be an issue, but I'm a little worried only having a 650w PSU. I've seen conflicting reports all around the web about whether it would be enough: some say it's more than you need, others say it's nowhere close. What do you think? Is my PSU good enough? Also, what types of cables will I need to set up the new card in SLI? I had my computer built for me, so I'm not too sharp on details like that. Thanks in advance.

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When it opened up to the city it looked a lot like I Am Legend to me. Then again, I know nothing about The Road and maybe I Am Legend is a rip-off of that? Either way, I'm excited to see what Naughty Dog can do with it.

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I just played for about an hour or so. Then crashed as a dragon flew in tight circles around Solitude for 30 seconds.