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@fisk0: This is the best thing any of them do, so you've been missing out! The podcasts with Ryan's dad are amazing.

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5-man Bombcast has worked before, it can work again.

On a not entirely unrelated note, Jason seems like the nicest guy on the planet.

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I'm guessing there's a deeper level of understanding or context that I'm missing here.


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I need more Crispy and Pascual and Refleksy in my life.

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The fervor with which the internet rages about supposed "corruption" in the gaming press will never cease to astound me. As if, at the end of the day, the amount of coverage or the specific number attached to the product review of a digital toy actually impacts our lives in any way. It's as if no one has any perspective whatsoever.

I don't blame the press and dev community for their reaction to the harassment/threats/hacking of Zoe and anyone defending her private life, or the blatant misogyny at its core. This is a woman that 80% of that particular den of toxicity already hated for daring to be a woman encroaching on their territory, making games that aren't game-y enough for them, and so they were more than happy to latch on to the notion that she would prostitute herself just to have her game mentioned.

The reason it's being "censored" is because it's her personal life, it's no one's business, and it doesn't deserve to be spread around like tabloid smut.

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Golly, I'm just so irate that someone has an opinion that doesn't match mine. Next they'll be taking my games away!

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They need to hire the fuck out of Cakebread.

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Man. MAN. That's a lot of staff. :(

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While it's a shame that the Giant Vincast can't exist now, Brad is a great host and it's great to see him more active and alert in the podcast itself.

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@jellybones said:

No, GiantBomb was reasonably critiqued and then a bunch of entitled children started making death threats and hurling insults.

Well they were critiqued and then the people doing the critiquing took it to the next level with the "fuck you" comment. Then ass hats in the community went full shitlord and went down the whole rape, death threat thing.

Both sides were wrong, but the shitlords took it way way way to far.

That response came after the harassment started, actually.