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I agree with Zevvion here, GiantBomb has been the target of unfair attacks, you can't simply expect people (the community) to react reasonably when their home/group/congregation/tribe/favorite_webpage/whatever is being targeted for no reason at all. It's the very simple principle of "talk shit, get hit".

No, GiantBomb was reasonably critiqued and then a bunch of entitled children started making death threats and hurling insults.

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You realize there are no women complaining about not being hired (for a job they didn't apply for), right? You realize there was no "sexist pig" accusation, right? You realize that a reasoned and respectful conversation was not the response that a bunch of privileged assholes decided to throw their way, yes?

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If we converted to centipounds and kilopounds, why not make the full conversion to a more reasonable system? What is the upside of replacing the mile with 5.28 kilofeet? It's still so arbitrary. All for the sake of the three countries that still haven't converted...

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Name is Jellyblood, whenever the guild is set up. <3

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Jeff definitely brings a more relaxed, matter-of-fact atmosphere to the podcast and live shows, but Vinny brings the enthusiasm and focus that Ryan (RIP) used to bring. It was probably my favorite Bombcast in a long time.

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The irony of Penny Arcade criticizing a Kickstarter is rich.

It is not lost on me.

The Penny Arcade Report is not Penny Arcade though. At least not in any greater respect than Giant Bomb is Gamespot.

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It's kind of amazing to me that this is legal.

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@JayHitcher: I'm not sure people realize that tranny is derogatory.

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@Frostmane: I have a bi-sexual friend and know a couple of other gay people.