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If we converted to centipounds and kilopounds, why not make the full conversion to a more reasonable system? What is the upside of replacing the mile with 5.28 kilofeet? It's still so arbitrary. All for the sake of the three countries that still haven't converted...

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Name is Jellyblood, whenever the guild is set up. <3

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Jeff definitely brings a more relaxed, matter-of-fact atmosphere to the podcast and live shows, but Vinny brings the enthusiasm and focus that Ryan (RIP) used to bring. It was probably my favorite Bombcast in a long time.

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The irony of Penny Arcade criticizing a Kickstarter is rich.

It is not lost on me.

The Penny Arcade Report is not Penny Arcade though. At least not in any greater respect than Giant Bomb is Gamespot.

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It's kind of amazing to me that this is legal.

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@JayHitcher: I'm not sure people realize that tranny is derogatory.

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@Frostmane: I have a bi-sexual friend and know a couple of other gay people.

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@Animasta: Who aren't as lucky as them? How is THAT not derogatory towards the gay community? Saying gay people are less fortunate for not being straight? Fuck you, where's YOUR apology? Let's hear it!

Is that a joke? The point is minorities of any sort are less fortunate because of their treatment, not because of who they are.

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Us 'straight white men' are the worst aren't we?

Statistically speaking? Yes, we are.