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@Frostmane: I have a bi-sexual friend and know a couple of other gay people.

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@Animasta: Who aren't as lucky as them? How is THAT not derogatory towards the gay community? Saying gay people are less fortunate for not being straight? Fuck you, where's YOUR apology? Let's hear it!

Is that a joke? The point is minorities of any sort are less fortunate because of their treatment, not because of who they are.

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Us 'straight white men' are the worst aren't we?

Statistically speaking? Yes, we are.

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Ryan <3

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Mechs and a Mason family line? So this is a prequel to Red Faction?

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Botanicula is a spinal injection of absolute joy.

Actually that doesn't sound so appealing worded as such.

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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@Jellybones: Thats a bad analogy, the more accurate analogy is you'll be perfectly content and happy if you find out that at the end of Dark Knight Rises, Batman actually had super powers, he can read minds, move super fast, and is actually invincible. None of his detective skills were skill and he was trolling you for 3 movies all along. Thus, it made the 1st 2 movies about his humanity and training all pointless since he none of the things he went through with scarecrow or joker actually affected him.

I don't understand what you're trying to say and I don't understand what anyone means when they say that everything they did through the course of the games was irrelevant. Did you not irrevocably change the galaxy in many fundamental ways? Someone said that the ending is Bioware's Shepard and not the player's Shepard, but every choice you make is Bioware's Shepard's options. It's not like you can go off and plan a wedding if you don't feel like saving the Krogan. It's a video game, the choices are binary, you're always choosing from a small handful of options, regardless of whether or not you would personally take any of them.

As for closure, why would you want everything wrapped up in a neat little bow? Do you never want to play another Mass Effect game? This is a trilogy about Shepard, and THAT story was concluded. If you didn't much care for it, that's fine, I didn't like all of it either, but people are up in arms like they were betrayed simply because they didn't like the way the ending was written. They didn't shit on your chest, you just didn't care for their creative work. I wish the internet could funnel this kind of outrage toward things that actually matter.

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If Dark Knight Rises doesn't end with a 20 minute epilogue telling me how everyone lived until they died of old age, by golly, I'm going to start a campaign against the Nolans and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau!

I hate the internet sometimes.

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We're not making quite as obscenely large profits as 2010? FIRE.EVERONE.

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Ouch, Dragon Age 2. :(

I won't say it wasn't disappointing, but it was still a very good game.