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So when they say the last two successive releases failed to reach beyond a niche, are they talking about the shitty downloadable game? RFG sold over a million units in its first two months, surely that has to be more than niche...

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@Zerodash said:

Why would anyone want to give money to this snake-oil salesman?

This is up there with the Blackwater Kinect game as far as scummy cashgrabs.

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It's Justice Breyer, by the way, not Bryer. I didn't check all the comments so I don't know if that was already pointed out.

Really disappointed that he was a dissenting voice with Thomas, whose view was entirely expected.

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This can go right next to the Blackwater game as really slimy choices by publishers this year.

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@TheLocustHorde said:
The need to fix the second Deathspank.  There are a bunch of glitches at the end of it and i can't finish it.  Would rather the second work so i could play through the game that i already purchased.
The game clearly isn't going to be fixed. =\
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A sequel to Prey shouldn't sound so damn promising--and yet it does. I'm on board.

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PSN please, should I be so lucky.
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Sassy black man quota has been met.

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Some of the posts here are totally wrong. The majority of achievements can be done across multiple playthroughs. The only ones I know for sure you can't are the gifts for Katey, the zombie genocide, escorting 50 survivors and spraying the Zombrex posters. I believe everything else carries over.