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@TheLocustHorde said:
The need to fix the second Deathspank.  There are a bunch of glitches at the end of it and i can't finish it.  Would rather the second work so i could play through the game that i already purchased.
The game clearly isn't going to be fixed. =\
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A sequel to Prey shouldn't sound so damn promising--and yet it does. I'm on board.

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PSN please, should I be so lucky.
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Sassy black man quota has been met.

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Some of the posts here are totally wrong. The majority of achievements can be done across multiple playthroughs. The only ones I know for sure you can't are the gifts for Katey, the zombie genocide, escorting 50 survivors and spraying the Zombrex posters. I believe everything else carries over.

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I was somewhat interested until I read the preorder bit. Bleh.

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Oh boy. Here I was hoping I'd get to play it without waving my arms about like a goober.

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So will the console versions be even lower resolution now? Or will they further reduce the visual quality?
Would be nice if there were only quality reductions if you chose to run in 3D mode.

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Medal of Honor: Enemy Territory (might as well be!) beta starts Thursday and I am all over this gun club.