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I remember reading the NeoGAF thread when Home was originally unveiled.  People were losing their shit declaring "SONY IS BACK" "SONY HAS WON THIS GENERATION".  It's very amusing to go back and read now if you can find it.  (GDC 2008 I think it was). 
That said, I do find it fascinating that it has attracted a dedicated hardcore following and is making money.  I'm not tempted to try it though as it's not really my cup of tea even if it were ultra popular.

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Nintendo games in HD are all I'm looking for from the Wii U, not some graphical beast.

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Should've picked a game that was out this year and that you actually got to play rather than watch someone else demoing it.

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Posted in the other thread earlier but played through the last 2 hubs with randoms last night.

Haven't played through the first few yet so I'm pretty bass ackwards.

PSN: youdontseesnake
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PSN: youdontseesnake

Times: usually UK/Euro evenings and weekends

(I don't have a mic as I don't play a lot of multiplayer games)
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I know he is massively overused, but that says more about the dearth of genuine voice talent apart from him available in the west (if you don't include super expensive Hollywood stars that can be either hit or miss)

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I might have put Bayonetta in my list but I haven't played it enough yet!  Still working through my backlog of 2009 games.

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Sorry duders, I don't think I can make race nights any more.  They start at 2am my time and I need to be non-comatose on Monday mornings.  Had fun though, definitely check them out if your time-zone is more friendly to it than mine.

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I finished all the cop events, the racer events don't really appeal as much to me.

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It wont be #1 but it's going on my list.  Incredible gameplay, beautifully cheesy "so bad it's good" dialogue.  I'm not a huge multiplayer guy so wasn't pining for any of that and I didn't find the single player length too short.

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