In Memoriam: Ryan Davis

I still haven't really managed to come to terms with the idea that Ryan's infectious laughter won't be here to lift our spirits in the future. I can't imagine how those who actually knew him personally must be feeling, and my thoughts and my heart are with them at this time.

In Ryan's memory, I want to share with you the earliest thing I can remember he and Jeff doing together which has really stuck with me. It's from a whopping ten years ago, and it's the phrases "$20 is $40 too much for Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22" and "Hey Jeff, remember the first time we played Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22?" which really stuck with me, probably because of Ryan's fantastic delivery.

This whole video is a fantastically honest and entertaining production considering it's just a couple of minutes long, but the fact Ryan's words here have stuck with me, popping into my head to elicit a chuckle at random ever since, should indicate just how good Ryan was at what he did. He is, already, sorely missed. This world is so much poorer for having lost him.

Posted by LordAndrew

That review was a real classic.