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I let my yearly subscription lapse because I could not justify paying for another year when I didn't feel like I was getting any special value from it. This stupid Dead Island ad isn't driving me to resubscribe; it's driving me to find content elsewhere first with advertising systems that aren't this stupid.

The ad is fine, and I don't use things like Ad Block out of principle, but Giant Bomb needs to track that I've just seen that ad. Either don't play it or put another one in front of me, but playing it in front of everything every single time is ridiculous.

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@Wuddel: I had this same problem, and today I just removed my Steam account and re-added it. Everything seems to have synced back up correctly, but who knows if it will sync regularly again now.

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Please, please do some sort of daily gaming news podcast. There needs to be a quality equivalent to something like Tech News Today and Buzz Out Loud for gaming.

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Civ 5 is basically my game of the year already. I can't wait to see how it gets improved over the next few years.