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@AbeTheGreatest said:
Its all about that crazy girls head that shows up everywhere
Same with me, mine is Susie Summer from Killer7, because of her somewhat tragical and out of place appearances. (Thinking of it, what is in place in that game?)
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It is strange that some details in fact made it in the final game: The EDF guy saying: "Hey pal, what are you gonna do, save the world all by yorself?" came into my mind just recently, but it is interesting that I found the 2001 design far superior to the final product. If they only released in 2001/2 this would've been a blast. The vehicle stuff of DNF can't compete with even outdated sequences in Half Life 2, gameplay, quality and above all level design wise (I also found that DN3D had a much better and comprehensive level design than DNF, which shouldn't be considering the time inbetween).

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Finally a game to please my kirby gang bang phantasies...

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Megadeth, Rise Kujikawa and batshit insane character design... count me in!!!

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agree on every level, especially the controls, the OST and not being able to switch characters. 
If there will ever be a 2nd DKCR, it better be as good (at least feature-wise) as DKC2 .
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Besides 2 Player stuff, can you also switch characters like you did in the old DKC games? 
Would be a huge letdown if not, since I only saw footage of people playing 1 Player as Donkey Kong.
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 This and Psychonaughts are two of the best games no one ever played.    

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dumbed down "System Shock 2 underwater"    maybe, yes. The drastic reduction of complexity really hurt Bioshock IMO. 
But again, this doesn't justify speaking of it as the new innovation bringer to everything first person.
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I can partly understand the scepticism about Skyoshock: Even though the gameplay trailer was neat looking, it was nothing but scripts. Ken Levine (nothing against this man, he is probably the most capable man in the industry, leveldesign wise) is praising it exactly the way he did with Bioshock: That it will revolutionize FPS that it will be the most unique gaming experience ever etc. But fact is that the franchise hasn't evolved since System Shock 2 for me, it just became a dumbed down experience, complexity wise, more towards FPS with less RPG-elements. Ken is calling it emergend gameplay (where is the emersion under all those scripts?), but I can hardly see the groundbreakingly new elements of both Bioshock AND Bioshock Infinite. Still loved to play it, but it couldn't live up to the hype.
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Screw the Special Edition, I would pay good money to see a documentary showing what the developers of 3DR did all these 12 years.