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Man I didn't expect such shocking news when flipping over to GB.

Dammit I actually just said "no" a bunch of times as the realization set in. Whoever said "the good die young" was right. This is the first time I've had a person I actually care about pass away and it's really just tough to believe. You're gonna show heaven a damn good time. RIP.

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I know for a fact that it's a crime to kill people with TVs!
Fuck you, my Persona's better than yours.
Y'know Chie's not wrong - but no matter how you look at it, we let that pervert walk today.
See? We ain't got nothin' on him.
Like you're steppin' out of line right now, punk?!
What a nice room.
What can possibly go wrong?
Oh. That.
N-nah, it's kind of cold in here...
I think the phrase is, "it's worth overdoing." Also, *bear.
Beary serious about bearing it all.
I'm sure our minds are degrading with continued exposure. Seriously, Yosuke's on the edge.
No Rush, she'll just strip for TV. Not like she's underage or anything.
I'd be afraid of my friend was rubbing his girlfriend up against me.
Oh man they know the pain I've been through.
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Sorry about the lack of updates the last few days, just been super busy. So here's a big one!

She just loves her steak-outs.
...or her donuts and milk, I guess.
What are we, cops?
Wait wait, WHAT?! Are these for when Kanji inevitably makes someone shit their pants?
Yes let's just please leave already.
Yes, say that out loud so we can all get offended
And diapers.
He's also going to go stalk Rise? Sweet!
So we can talk about murder while we keep watch for an innocent young girl?
No, he's just a bad guy in general.
Oh, nothing to see here folks.
Now here's three angry-looking men!
Climbing poles with a camera? Spiderman!
"Stay still so I can CRUSH YOUR DYING HUSK!"
Too late for that, now, ain't it?!
"Shaddup!" Because shut-up isn't Kanji enough.
Look at that SANIC FAST car in the back. Asian drivers.
If I focus hard enough, I can do Instant Transmission and hit him from behind. Right?
Looks like he's just letting us hit him in the back after all.
Spiderman is no ordinay citizen.
Then go to some other stalker's website.
And that day, Adachi became a man.
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@OmegaChosen: Holy shit, that's a great deduction. It's obviously Dojima. And I have no idea about how they're eating tofu.

Another great deduction. Yukiko's obviously into Sherlock Holmes.
Didn't expect he'd have my Persona, too...
"Elementary, my dear Chie."
Everyone's minds..!? This is getting WAY too fucked up, man. But he's right.
Bullshit. But quality, Roman Bellic-tier bullshit.
I don't make sense, I make dollars.
Monsters, bears, and monster bears.
Kanji finally wakes up and gets in on this.
Enough people for Kanji to shit out.
You've got no idea. I usually get rid of my evidence, but there's one loose end.
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"To tell the truth, I'm THE BEST DETECTIVE FUCKIN' EVER."
I think the problem lies with "kids who know less than we do." We know far, far too much.
Adachi knows what's up. Or rather, what's not up.
Joke's on you, your whole existence is a game.
Dammit girl, stop making me seem suspicious.
We have BALLS now. We're not gonna give him any bullshit.
...We have to fight one day.
No, we met some normal girl named Rise Kujikawa.
Helllllllllllllllll yeah.
Ohooooo, I took a peek, alright!
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@OmegaChosen: As I mentioned earlier, I can't triple post, but I'm not gonna go and ask someone to reply.

Part of me actually likes the fact that I can't post sometimes, because I haven't had any time to play the game since mid-December, and I've got finals. In-game I'm actually a few days before Mitsuo's dungeon. So my posts are getting small (averaging 10 pictures) so that I don't run out of pics to use. But as long as I can continue posting, I will. So here we go!

Nah, but the three dudes she just talked to have great experience in killing things.
I'm a stalker, Yosuke's a fan, so Kanji must be paparazzi.
When she and I get good and comfy, she's gonna need a huge rest.
"They were all really, really hot. Especially Kanji."
With this pic and the one above out of context, it looks like she's describing the victims.
She saw someone who looked like a gang member, alright...
Yeah we all dress classy. Don't be jealous.
Those darned kids..!
Shyeah, it's a tofu store.
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What I say every day at school.
Nope, nope, please no - You're talking to two of your biggest stalkers right now.
Hah! There goes his first impression.
Noooo, he's doing it by accident. >_>
"You DON'T have any of those great features!"
Don't call the cops, WE OWN THE COPS!
You're just full of surprises. Including your inevitable kidnapping.
You sure? Let me check...
Yosuke's a great wingman. Makin' me look good and stuff.
Luckily, Rise's got a sense of humour.
"Hell no, I'm not funny!" Also, I hope nobody's going to give him the D.
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@Karmosin: This is pretty much what I thought. I don't eat enough tofu to bother caring about this sort of thing - until P4, I'd never heard of ganmo.

Anyway my pictures got kinda mixed up so some of this stuff is actually from the last update. Huh. And here I thought I was organized.

Dojima's just worried that Kanji is going to violate our little asses.
He ain't tellin' you if he likes dudes..!
Fuckin' tofu, I'm gonna buy the crap outta you!
Yosuke's talkin' made sense, since we be spendin' mad dollas.
Kanji's a really polite guy, considering how big and loud he is.
...Speaking of politeness - is that any way to greet your customers?
I love this line, it's so awkward. When she says "Tofu?" she makes it sound like they came in without knowing it was a tofu store.
Whaa...what? C...can you just get thrown into the goddamn TV already!?
Look at the complete lack of eye contact. Now you know Kanji's straight - that, or he still has trouble talking to girls.
You'd be sick of this shit too, Brosuke.
And then Yosuke came happily.
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@Karmosin: Yeah - I have yet to use it again, since it costs money and takes up a whole afternoon, but it'll probably prove its worth later.

Look at that sexual tension. Have at it, Brosuke.
Darth Adachi is about to show us the dark side.
Adachi should be all like, "YOU SAYIN' I'M STRANGE?!"
We kill countless supernatural monsters on a daily basis and THIS is what impresses you?
Dojima just really wants to get out and eat his g'damn tofu.
I'll bother whoever the fuck I want to bother. YOU'RE NOT MY FATHER.
Unfair advantage from playing the original. Sue me.
Yeah it's considerate of me to sink 300+ hours of my life into SMT games.
I have trouble picturing this. Just google it.
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This coffee's got balls. I'm drinking balls.
Is it just me or is this coffee getting hotter?
...Wait what? He put cards in my drink?
Look at Sandman, checkin' out Apsara's booty like the pervert he is.
I've been raped. This nut-coffee is used for date rape.
I'll use this line in someone one day, except for the third line.
So we recover from the doom coffee by watching something that borders on CP.
I didn't know Rise could use Cleave..!
For this exact reason, I'll never share porn. Seriously.