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Oh, hell yeah! Don't got enough time to watch it all right now, but hell yeah!

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Now if only this was the transmission coming out of the city...

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Watch it be about Solid Snake in an alternate timeline where he doesn't age super fast. At this point, I'm willing to believe anything.

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I used to like MMORPGs because I thought I was a great "community person" and that your character's growth in the game world is comparable to your own growth in reality, in the sense that everybody can grow differently and there's always someone stronger, or someone who has more than you do. Well, then I realized that the community aspect sort of sucks because people come and go like the wind in MMOs and within four years of MMO experience, I've made like two long-standing friendships. I used to consider myself a decent guild leader, as someone who chose to get to know his members personally to make a tight-knit community, but then I realized the tragedy of it all: All I did was find new friends to replace those who had quit playing the game.

So, if you look at MMORPGs without the "making friends" aspect, you get a static world, lots of competition, and repetitive, time-consuming gameplay. Sure, some MMOs might seem fun, but it usually won't take long for most players to get sick of things.

So I can't really answer your question, I can only tell you that I think MMORPGs aren't really worth it.

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@Bleeble said:

I also experienced a bug in New Vegas that would not let me level up past 1.

Okay that is some serious shit! Haven't had anything like that ever happen to me.

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Been here since mid-2010 but I actually didn't make my account until today. Decided that I should lower the amount of gaming sites I visit, and GiantBomb had a forum that I never bothered to use despite being a (former) regular at GameFAQs' boards.

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In Fallout: New Vegas I had that glitch where if you enter The Strip, the screen goes black and you can't do anything. As if The Strip being crucial to the story wasn't bad enough, I was inside the Lucky 38 so I couldn't leave no matter what. Fun times.

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59. Chali 2na has a solo album.