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@TohruAdachi: Thanks for the reply, now the thread can continue. :D

And they don't really care about you. OOOOH GET OWNED!
Your grandma just wants Rise's autograph.
The great take of marriage ruining wallets.
Awright, let's have some $50 coffee!
He wears his sunglasses at night.
Did I screeny this guy talking shit to us earlier? I forgot.
"Mumon" translates into "hardcore."
Well... damn. Someone better repair my broken soul after. I'm looking at you, Yukiko.
What can possibly go wrong?

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Orrrr not. Instead of Ai Bangage, we get Naoki and a lesson about chopped liver.
Of course - that's the idea, ain't it?
Maybe you're just paranoid because someone MURDERED your SISTER.
"Are you going to assassinate Rise Kujikawa?"
That's a terrible idea, kid. Ehehehewwww.
Whoa whoa, age before beauty.
These off-camera kids are hilarious. Some of my favourite NPCs in the game.
"Maybe if you bought me some GODDAMN TOPSICLES this would be one!"
Now I can touch EVERYONE with my mouth.
Huh, I wonder what this is for.
...Well my Expression IS "Touching"...
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@Karmosin said:

No updates? :(

Flood protection prevented me from posting a third time - and my man-pride prevented me from asking for someone to post.

So here's some new stuff!

You're right - they have "a magic doppelganger is about to create pornography of me for the world to see" problems.
So ya don't read Privacy Invasion Monthly? Psssh.
Huh, thanks for the free marks, Mrs. I Need Attention.
You sure about that? I mean, I might keep you busy longer than you think ;)
Call the cops, I'm a rebel.
So THAT'S what excites you, eh? Well let's skip class more often.
Please don't mention pegging ever again.
If you keep hanging out with me, you'll definitely go back to being a bad, bad girl.
I don't have a personal servant - but I buy absurd amounts of medicine and weaponry when I go shopping.
She's been killing Shadows behind my back.
You're terrible... I can dig it.
What, do you think they're always wondering where you are? I thought my ego was big.
Well that was quick. On with the bangage?
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@Hailinel said:

It really says something when the press was more eager to tear into the trailer than to do any footwork in verifying its authenticity.

It's an unfinished game and the footage was obviously meant for some other purpose. At this point, I have no idea how to judge it, so I'll withhold any comment on the game and simply shake my head at the journalists that fell for it.

This kind of worries me, actually. Judging by this article and a few other sources I saw, a lot of them said things like "I can't prove that it's fake, and there's no reason for me to, despite the trailer looking like shit. Everyone else posted it up, so why shouldn't I?"

Not to say that I wouldn't do the same, but it's a reminder that people can still think that it's okay to do things just because everyone else is doing it.

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That's a relief - but I'm still not holding my breath for this game.

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Happy New Year! Been all busy today so I almost forgot to update this.

"If you wanna go to school, you have to go to school."
Good memories for Yosuke, I see.
I'm pretty sure Chie gave him amnesia and he DID forget.
I heard her sing in the anime. She's aight.
...Did you just break character for a second there, Yuri Lowenthal?
Chie agrees - you're friggin' creepy, bro.
Detective Hanamura is on the case!
"Can I meet her too?" -- I wish there was an option that said "I DON'T NEED YOUR PERMISSION TO HIT ON FAMOUS GIRLS."
Imagine how retarded this conversation sounds to anyone outside the group.
By that you mean our next party member - so, hell yeah.
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@metalsnakezero: You'd actually buy skill cards? Well I guess when it came time to create uber Personas, that'd make sense - but to me, it just doesn't seem worth the trouble. Like you'd have to get rid of all your other Personas for the right card, you'd have to spend a day's time, and you'd be spending money? Dayumn homeboy I ain't got time for that.

Anyway Happy New Years Eve, guys. Here's today's goods.

Nobody is free. We're all trapped in a maze of relationships.
Is it because you're always horny?
Oh okay, starting to make some sense - but you're still a crazy twisted old woman.
Why can't these interviews ever be... professional?
Even Risette doesn't know what the fuck.
Godammit your questions suck. Her answer won't change the fact that Inaba'a chock full of murder.
Great, I might as well join in!
Handle THIS! *zip*
Marketing anorexia.
Man I love it when NOTHING HAPPENS. You're lazy, Brojima.
Chie's kicks are really hard, aren't they?
Errday they're hustlin'
NEXT TIME on Intervention: Kanji, why do you go to school so much?
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Well you did sort of raid their tent...
I wonder if they just told Troy Baker to come into the studio with a cold and got him to sneeze. That's a solid sneeze.
But Margaret will still talk about my fine, fine body, right?
And we return home to some Power Rangers!
And I see you riding something hot, if you catch my drift.
What haunted places? I mean, besides the TV.
Don't tell me that, now I'm gonna start winning!
What do you recommend? EVERYTHING. Very helpful, Reiko.
"Guys, we don't have any Medicine because I wanted Yukiko to fight half-naked."
NEXT TIME - We don't buy a 50 dollar coffee because we spent all our money on Yukiko's swimsuit which we already had.
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@wchigo: It's okay to be attracted to Kanji. If you're not, you're gay. Muhuhuhhahahaha!

Well I think I had enough fun with these gals in the tent anyway.
I wonder how you got their sizes..?
BUT I ALREADY ATE OUT, AHAHAHAHAAHH (okay, I'm done, seriously. Maybe I'm just trying to make up for the lack of perverted jokes in these last few updates)
King Moron would've gotten his filthy hands on my ladies. Don't even joke about this, Yosuke.
That's what it's all about! Kanji knows this.
How can I? You've got me all stunned, Chie.
Hey yourself, beautiful.
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@wchigo: Glad that he ended up getting kicked in the face, then. There really doesn't have to be a first time for everything. Heh.

Try not to come back any gayer than you are now! :D
I oughta start saying "a man like me."
Hey, you're the one who wanted Kanji out of the tent in the first place!
If they really did get knocked unconscious, I wouldn't mind being Kanji right now
A while ago, he what..?!
She's goin' BEARSERRRRK!
Yes, yes! KILL.
Maybe he used Perish Song earlier and nobody else heard.
But you can sleep with me lying here? I'm flattered.
Yeah well, you're both. Boom, reflected.
I can also sense Yukiko getting closer.
But Yosuke's the cutest gal here... I mean, what? Oh shit, Kanji's contagious!
But you love it when I try funny stuff.
NEXT TIME: Kanji's all stiff!