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Man I sure love working at one of the world's largest malls on Boxing Day. Let's kick back with some P4.

I wish I could see the P4 cast meet in the style of The Breakfast Club, where no one knows each other and they really dig into this stuff.
How dare that asshole spew feces!
I've had dickish teachers before, but none THAT dickish.
Stop getting pissed off at him - why not just piss on him?
Need I remind you that you live in Japan..?
No, but I do know the great taste of Coca Cola!
Hopefully Kanji won't, either.
Don't you be questioning the size of this humongous tent.
Why'd YOU come to this tent, Brosuke?!
Actually I feel safest bringing this dude into a dungeon.
"Shoving feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken." ~Tyler Durden
Only Teddie could make this situation even more homosexual. Imagine the squealing fangirls.
But it seems we still have a problem being around you! BUUUURN!
NEXT TIME - We're stuck here all night half-scared to death!
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Of course I can't really kill myself off, so here we go!

Glad we bought Revival Beads or I couldn't survive that first bite.
It's RIGHT HERE *zip*
Beg, Yosuke! Be a tool and beg!
Actually maybe we oughta run before someone else gets killed.
So I watched the first 12 episodes of the anime. Really hoping the daughter from Aiya (Aika, was it?) is in the game. I know the cook mentioned her by name once...
Then maybe I just oughta take you higher (haaaaah)
Damn, he's ever professional.
Any guy your age says this like thrice a day.
"You're gonna go on this field trip and YOU'RE GONNA LIKE IT!"
I hope it doesn't smell like someone died, too.
Well he does have Kill Rush...
I dunno, look around you!
But by "hang out" I don't mean "HANG out"...
So you better sit the fuck down, son!
NEXT TIME: We try to sleep and somebody's something hurts like hell!
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Awright, it's Christmas, so I've got a very special update today!

This... This will take an inhuman level of bravery to conquer!
W-wait a minute, no! This can't be...
What, no! NOOOO!

Uh, well I hope you guys had as much fun with this as I did. Looks like our journey has come to an end. Merry Christmas to you all.

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@wchigo: Maaan I've had P4 Arena since launch and I still haven't finished the story mode. I dunno, just haven't had much time for it, and I'm not a huge fan of all the bush-beating that Aksys did with it. Sometimes I feel like just fast-forwarding the story and getting it over with. Mostly because the "thought narration" goes on for ages, usually describing something that is simple enough to understand through the dialogue. But alas, I want to get the best out of the story.

Aaaanyway, here's today's stuff.

Me at the grocery store, every time.
Welllll, glad you're so certain about this! (Shiiiiiiit)
I'd say something witty, but I have no idea how you're supposed to dispose of a bike.
Well it's from off-planet alright!
She'd better not try it. Nobody has Posumudi.
That's always a great sign. Excuse me while I go to vomit in a bush.
10/10 line delivery. AAARGHAWRGAHGRHAGHWWWW!
Chie's really spicy, and Yukiko's kinda mild... Now I know not to have them at the same time.
I could pull this quote and use it in a review for Project X.
I'll show YOU some textures..!
You watched The Blob destroy your bike and THIS is what breaks you? Must be serious. NEXT TIME: WE TRY THAT SLOP!
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I'll definitely look out for the senorita in NG+.

What IS a shitbird, anyway? A bird made of feces?!
Oh hell naw, it's Duke fuckin' Nukem!
That's never a good sign. Oh crap...
Let's just hope we're getting Punk'd, Brosuke..!
Kanji Senses, Tingling! God help us all...
Was she worth the weight, Yosuke?
WHAAAA!? She learned King Dedede's up-special!
B-burn the witch..!
"Nothing to see here, folks."
Guess Yosuke saw Thinner, or Drag Me To Hell, or whatever other crummy horror movie revolves around gypsy curses.
Hanako's gravitational force touched Kanji's heart.
All a plot for some sweet bromance... Yosuke's scheming to satisfy his bicuriosity!
He's ready for the end, seriously.
...So I read a book and get some feels.
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@metalsnakezero: 'Cuz I didn't know she existed. :P

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Pretty sure I started seeing the Magicians in Kanji's dungeon, not Rise's.

Anyway this info really helps! I'll keep this into consideration next time I see a Magician card.

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@metalsnakezero: /@selfconfessedcynic: Yeah this scene's definitely one of my favourite new things from Golden.

@TohruAdachi: Ahahaha it's okay man, sometimes I forget, too.

Also we survived the so-called apocalypse. Silly Mayans, Nyx's coming already passed.

Who could imagine such a horror..?!
It always sounds simple at first, man.
Kanji just wants an excuse to run around in his underwear.
Nah I'll just stare at her. And I'm pretty sure she's Naoto.
So I have a tendency to make women nervous. Big deal!
How do you know about that..?! Do you have the Potential?
Oh goddamn Jehovah's witnesses...
Kanji just got called a cow. Sick burrrrn!
Well in a few seconds I might be just plain hitting you.
Everything. *glomp*
And I kind of like older women. Whaddya know..?
"Damn, girl! Are you friends with Sayoko Uehara, by chance?!"
And we get her number for sexytime! She's about to score with a hot stud, as Teddie would say.
Kanji got a number for phone sex. This day just keeps getting better

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End of the world update! I knew it was going to happen on January 1st and not today. Frickin' stupid Mayans don't know shit about Nyx.

Chie's just BOOMING with excitement! Oh, but that's not Yosuke (the traitor) she's Thwamming...
Awww, you're such a sweet talker. I can learn a thing or two from you, beautiful.
"Mmm" indeed. Does this room smell like cookies, or is it just me?
But why? It's Tanaka! Granter of our desires! ... I just now realized how well that phrase goes with the fact that he's the Devil in P3.
I read that as "let's use motorcycles to hit city girls." Oh damn.
Who uses their "ass mind" anywhere but the toilet, anyway?
Don't you talk to us about morals, you goddamn pedophile!
Kanji's kicked his bearcycle into high gear..!
It's Morooka, and he's looking for a reason to slice our faces off.
But they're the sexiest damn scooters around.
I'll show those girls a cold, hard reality! But I mean like, it's cold at first, but then they make it warm, 'cuz... Ah nevermind, this joke doesn't work on a biological level.
We died, but we're okay now. FINALLY an RPG where you can get revived through cutscenes.
Go around slaying the women we failed to attract..?!
Three minutes and I'm done. Heh.
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Dinosaurs, obviously. I want to ride a triceratops before I die.