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@wchigo: Wish I could've made a GIF of a kitchen counter morphing into CS, but naw, too much effort.

@TohruAdachi: Hey, Teddie's just as androgynous as Narcissus once he puts on that Alice outfit.

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@wchigo: Ahah! Yeah man I sometimes put the captions together with my friends in class, so we end up laughing a lot too. It's good stuff.

Anyway, time to throw down...

And today's update opens with Margaret describing what she loves about my body. Great.
I'll satisfy those curiosities when the time comes. *single-finger face stroke thing*
When I first saw Narcissus, I couldn't figure out if it was a guy or a girl. *shudder*
I'm Fuu-king excited!
Pale Rider sure as hell Sliced my Mind back in Devil Summoner 2. What a jackass.
Chikiko Satonamagi don't fuck around. I wanna see this with their evolved Personas.
I think Yosuke's the one with the girl problems here, not Kanji.
Rakshasa's kitchen furnishings turned into a FPS.
They always did tell me that I wasted my money.
Rakshasa's a monster, hands down!
+Arcana, +Arcana, +Persona. Sometimes this game just does you a favour.
Str against Phys, Evade Phys, and Counterstrike. Seems a little counter-productive, right?
"Duuude, why do we keep fighting hands?!"
Look at that mean elbow. Chie's sick of Yukiko stealing all my attention.
And Yosuke's sick of me having all the girls' attention! Next time - HOW DO WE DEAL WITH YOSUKE THE TRAITOR?
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@TohruAdachi: Whoa, it's almost as if I expect people to play RPGs for the story or something. Ahah! Anyway, I can't even think of anything disgusting to say about Kintabi Gusoku.

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@TohruAdachi: 117 hours? Huh. I'm at 39 hours and I'm still at the gap between Rise and Mitsuo. Well anyway, I don't have much time to play lately, so two and a half weeks might be a little ambitious, but I'll sure try.

@wchigo: Glad ya like it! I'll keep the material coming.

Edit: Oh wow, I hit reply without doing today's update. Here it is!

Oh damn. If it helps, I don't know a single damn thing about my parents. Where are they, anyway?!
If I'm gonna school some Shadows, I gotta look classy.
Nice trousers, good sir!
Oddly, Chie actually pulls this outfit off better than anyone else. 'xcept me, of course.
The first step to making friends is saying hello.
You thought your entourage looked out of place...
Kanji LIFTS.
Jar ghost women -- is this new, or had I blocked out this horrifying creature from my memory?
What's cooler than being cool? ICE COLD!
Gonna break those hands with our... hands!
Seems a bit excessive for something so tiny. But then again those hands are all rich and unemployed. GET A JOB, YA HAND!
This is actually terrifying. If only you could see how their hands helplessly claw at the ground.
They almost tricked me into using this. It's got the same hit rate that I do when I'm trying to kill a fly.
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@TohruAdachi: Yeah I've tried to be a bit more restrictive about what I screeny, but there will be certain times in which I won't have as much to write about. In that case I'll start talking to more NPCs and I'll be exploring the other features, such as Mr. Edogawa's classes.

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@TohruAdachi said:

: Yeah I crack up at dialogue that's not even expose to be purposely funny,but it's fun to do. If you plan on doing Jeric's Adventures again,just post screenshots of things you haven't posted yet. Like doing music/soccer club next time and different answers to certain things,I'll most certainly support you all the way.

Well I'll be posting pics of NG+ when the time comes, there just probably won't be as much to write about. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Hope I see you on the other side.

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@TohruAdachi: Oh man that's actually friggin' perfect. I'll be sure to try something like that in the future.

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@TohruAdachi: Oh yeah? Got any examples/screenies? I guess if I were to use a word, I'd make it all in lower case so that it fits into sentences and all.

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@TohruAdachi said:

: I was talking about the "Umm... I'm glad you came."

Hah! Yeah I thought it'd be too easy to just say "AHAHAHAH I CAME." I'll try to use that line sparingly since I've probably said it five times so far.

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: What's with this post today!? NO SEXUAL INNEUNDOS AND YOU PUT "WHY MY DID SO NICE?" YOU MEAN DAD! ERMAHGERD!!! Joking,I like the Hiimdaisy reference I like the suger and cream one. DADDY I WANT IT BLACK!

Ahahah! Well I usually post these on my way out of the house every morning so I'm prone to typos. Fixed it though.

Also - I'm trying to cut down on the sex jokes, but they just keep coming.

(that was a sex joke)