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@metalsnakezero said:

You ate that Banana!? RUN!

I tried to snap a picture of his flying kick, but it was lightning fast.

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These all sound like horrible ideas to me.
What - am I part of their system?!
These outfits just friggin' materialized in my inventory.
Why do I keep eating with you, anyway?
Friggin' hate kids sometimes.
"Why is my dad so GODDAMNED NICE?!"
Oooooh she just got shut down by that nurse - "Shaddap, ya drama queen!"
Imagine how many kids have said that at some point. Hell, I've probably been there.
One of the only current charting "mainstream" songs I can bear to listen to nowadays.
You said that last time, which was like a week ago.
Yes, let's undermine the man of the house, who is also a detective.
"Don't try to look tough, sissy!"
But I can do it. OOOOOH.
W-wait, no..! We were having such a nice night...
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I think we should keep Yukiko away from you -_-;

Shyeah, she's been hogging the spotlight a bit too much, hasn't she? Well anyway - tomorrow's update involves Dojima and the other girls, and the one afterward is all dungeoneering!

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@TohruAdachi said:

: I demand two uploads a day! Joking,but keep it going man,these are still great as ever.

Hah! Believe me, I would do that, but I don't have enough time to play and find material to use. Right now I've got about 700 pics to post - that's including the many that won't get used.

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This whole update pretty much revolves around Okina and Yukiko...

Alriiight, too much information, lady.
I ain't no friggin' bird, yo!
God dammi-what the hell are you saying, seriously..? These are compliments but I'm bothered.
"I'll empty a clip of MY HEART into them bitches."
I've played enough P3 to know where this is going. Run, run away...
OK, it's tough to make me give up on gambling.
OH I'LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO DO ALRIGHT. And by that I mean watch a movie.
Ehehhh, EHEHEHEHEEH (but no, we didn't do anything crazy, her Persona just leveled and got bonus stats)
Let's take this guy into the TV. We need someone with such a strong will.
Friggin' Yukiko, stealing all our time.
Huh? Well, if it isn't, err, "suited man."
...with toilet paper.
Ooooh - can we just make that on our own?
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@TohruAdachi: Shyeah, well now I'll try looking for her and all that. But basically, the more surprises, the better.

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@TohruAdachi: Nahh it's okay - like I actually have no idea what you're talking about in general. I did a great job of not spoiling anything that P4G added, just so that I could have a fresh, surprising experience like I did with the original P4.

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@TohruAdachi said:

: Hahahahaha! I never noticed the dialogue for farming,but when I first read that,I was thinking of Dojima from Hiimdaisy when they were about to go too Junes at night.

Yeah it was hard to resist making a "We're out of bourbon, dad'll be disappointed" reference when I actually got to that point in the story.

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@metalsnakezero said:

If you don't know already, the Cafe gives you skill cards from the persona you have equip. Also go to the cloth shop every so often to get new costume. Also vending machine here have Persona figures to put on your shelf so get to it!

Yeah I've only gone to the cafe once so far, and I've bought every costume available so far except for the swimsuits (well, I got Yukiko's... eheheheh). Haven't looked at Teddie's costumes yet though, my last save was just after Shadow Teddie.

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@TohruAdachi: Same. Unfortunately I'll be working for most of it, but whatever. Here's today's stuff!

He... He's talking to Yosuke, right?
Please don't give me a, err, "good thrashing."
Wait a minute, this isn't Okina City...
Oh great, now we can date that crazy lady.
It's okay Dojima, I have a scary work face, too.
Well I'm-a thinkin' of movin' in on you, hehehehHAHAHAHAHAHHHH!
"The rain deprives you of free will."
When does this location ever get used? I can only think of Marie and Ai going up here.
This isn't so different from Inaba: the first adult stranger I meet thinks I'm a slut
Oh yeah?! *eats tissues*
And I think you'd look good in my... err actually no, I don't dig girls with "heavy makeup."
Wow, that's a real downer. You, err... have a good day, sir.
So Chagall Cafe is here?! Too bad we don't have a Charm stat... We'll check it out another day.