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Lol @ the console reseller. Way to tell 'em Alex!

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Watched American Beauty again last night. I love that movie. 9/10.

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Still pushing through XCOM. I don't know if I'll ever finish that game.

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Of course Mattrick is going to say that at this stage when asked about Japan. What else is he going to say, "We're not committed to Japan at all, fuck 'em"?

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Yea, because the added hype will definitely make up for the massive amount of wages and overhead they'll have to pay for those extra months. They're delaying the game because there's still more work to do on it, simple as that.

Yep. I can wait another 4 months for a product with fewer bugs. Really wish they'd done that for, say, Darksiders 2. Maybe I would have been able to finish it, then.

Same with Assassin's Creed 3. I would gladly trade my frustration toward that game for another few months prior to its release.

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This stuff is so exciting to me. I think this is the future of gaming, where games aren't just simulations created for fun, but actual emotional experiences that reflect deep aspects of the real world. This guy deserves all the support he can get.

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2. They do the research, and find a relevant connection between violent video games and a negative effect on the minds of young people. If this is the case, we'll be able to better understand why, and we would have to take action to ensure that games don't fall in the wrong hands.

How do you think that would be accomplished?

A start would be to always show ID when buying a 18+ game at local video game retailers, if the person looks younger than the age of...say 25. Beyond that? Get parents to take their responsibility seriously. A 12 year old shouldn't play COD. Same goes for a 13, 14, 15 year old. 16 and up is sort of a gray area, and at that point, it's a lot up to the parents to decide how mature their kid is.

What do you mean "take their responsibility seriously?" Perhaps a parent thinks hard on it and does find their 12 year old child mature enough to play COD. Be careful in generalizing your morals to the whole population.

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I will have an occasional one if I am offered while drinking or walking somewhere. They don't seem to be addictive enough to make me want to go and buy my own though.

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I'd remove fuckin "gaming culture". There is no gaming culture, it's just a marketing demographic to get you idiots to buy Mtn Dew, Pikachu earrings n a GameBoy belt buckle. If you listen to NES chiptunes instead of actual music, you're not in a culture, you just have a tragically small perspective on the world. Anyway I might more likely remove things like Kotaku and NeoGAF and people kicking the shit out of developers. Stuff like "this guy left Irrational, so from that we can decipher that Bioshock Infinite will suck". "This DLC was developed before release date, big companies aren't treating us right! Here's a database of how much time Notch spends on vacation, what a lazy asshole!" Reading that kind of conspiracy-theorist witch-hunt crap really rains on my parade.

Yes, goddammit. This.

Gaming is simply another consumption of media created professionally, or semi-professionally, for profit by developers. Just like movies, TV or music. You don't call people who go to movies part of a "movie-culture". They're just people who are interested in movies. Some people are more interested than others.

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You know your song is a masterpiece when half of the choruses lyrics consist of the word "LA"