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A combo of serious, fun, and out there predictions.  Not betting my av, though.

 "Wii 2 controller has at least 1 GB of space" and "Sony swears that 2011 will be the year of PlayStation" were honorable mentions.
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Good to see someone not abandon a bad game, instead, trying to make it better.

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As long as it doesn't completely engulf the site, I'm cool with it.

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More manuals should be like Uniracers'.

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Here's one.

Persona 4 t-shirt

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Just a little update, I was walking home yesterday and I saw Farfetch'd bench press a bus... while riding it.

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jakob187 said:
"Sorry, guys...but Squirtle still is and will always be the COOLEST POKEMON EVAR!!!
I mean, his name is Squirtle, which is super cool...he's got super cute manga eyes...he's BLUE...and he spits in your eye!  Nothing cooler than that!!!

Plus, when he says "squirtle, squirtle"...he's just too fucking kick-ass!!!

Exhibit A: Squirtle!
Squirtle is very cool indeed, as evidenced to the left.

However, I have to contend that duckitude + leekification + V-brow + breakdancing ( trust me ;-) ) = Farfetch'd, the most awesome Pokémon.
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Geno said:
"Leek Slap = Turn over all your prizes for 1 mana plox."

Actually, when one is slapped with a leek by Farfetch'd, it's not unlike being challenged to a duel with pistols at dawn; Farfetch'd demands satisfaction.   With pistols, though, at least there's a chance of you surviving.
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OfficialJab said:
"I hate that guy. Nothing against him, but the anime and the card ruined him for me  :("
The card is pretty weak, yeah.  I haven't seen the anime in awhile, so I don't really know what exactly you mean for that.
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