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Yeap. Just recently started up a new Breton. Although, I haven't played in a few days. I have him in some ayleid ruin ( can't remember the name), hiding in a corner, over-encumbered.

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The Walking Dead.

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DUI = RIP.  
I always thought he was one of the funnier cast members of Jackass and other spinoffs. Condolences to family and friends.

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Terraria and Oblivion. Been looking to resub (WoW, Rift, Eve) or try out a new mmo, but cant seem to find any that catches my attention.

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Oblivion. Although, like others have pointed out, it definitely has it's flaws.

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Fallout 3.

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@Ashuramaru said:

Bayonetta, Metal Gear series, Some way of defining only Bethesda's TES and fallout games, and Final fantasy IX

A Dunmer wearing a Pip-Boy maybe?
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@Redbullet685 said:
@Video_Game_King said:
Logically, the perfect remake improves on the flaws in the original while still retaining what made it good in the first place.
Or adding on to the greatness like REmake (Gamecube Resident Evil)
I agree with both these statements.
Along with the above, making a remake constitutes at the very least, learning from previous attempts at failed and successful remakes, as well as consumers demand for a fresh take on the game. Gamecubes Resident Evil, I believe, would be the poster child for comparisons if there is going to be any attempts and making something "perfect". And I would use the word "perfect" loosely. One man's perfect can be another man's flawed.
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That game made it impossible for me to ever listen to a song the same way again. All I every pictured in my head while listening to a song was that ship bouncing up and down swerving from lane to lane. What a mental debacle. I loved it though.
Have you tried Auditorium? I used to play it on my iphone a while back, thought it was a pretty interesting take on the music genre.

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Good topic OP.
I get a warm feeling inside when I look back now at all the greats games I used to play in the late 80's. Not because they were great games mind you, but because it was a different time. Gaming was a whole different entity back then to me. I am now an adult, and unfortunately, a consumer. I understand the value of a dollar, and again, unfortunately, expect more of things. As a youngster most of all of my gaming desires were soothed by my parents. There was really no ramification for a game being sub par other then a swift chuck to the back of the closet. If a game sucked, no biggie. If a game sucks now, anarchy!
Maybe not to that extent lol, but you get the idea.
As I have gotten older, I have noticed my expectations have risen quite substantially. Spending $60 is a standard in our industry, so I expect quality to be a standard as well. I follow developers now rather then an individual game. I place my trust in these companies the same way I would place my trust in Ambien, over-priced vodka, and Rogaine. I payed for it, so it better damn deliver.

So to your question, absolutely yes, a game will raise my standards. Especially when it's being charged. More to your point, I have been following the Final Fantasy series since the first one. I have always expected the next one to be not only better, but to raise the bar as well. They set the standards for themselves as a developer, I set my standards for what a RPG is as a consumer, and round and round we go.
I have played Ninja Gaiden and, well, there is nothing Ryu Hayabusa about me. Dude, I am flat out terrible. I have died more times in that game then N+ and Super Meat Boy combined. Yeah, I know, a lot. Yet, I actually love the game. I enjoy the challenge. I remember playing it on the NES. Has the new generation of Ninja Gaiden spoiled me compared to the NES versions? You can bet your hours spent playing NG it has.

I find myself constantly being spoiled by high quality games. To tell you the truth, it's what makes it so difficult to play on my NES, Super Nintendo, Genesis, or First generation Playstation today. Between the advancements in graphics, game play, internet connectivity, near hands free gaming, mobile gaming on the go, the standard is constantly evolving. For all of us.
For me personally as a long time gamer, the simplicity of stomping on goombas during easier times has never really felt the same. Of course, unless you have a Delorean and some plutonium laying around the house.

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