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A Refinement and a Misstep 0

 Valkyria Chronicles II is enjoyable, as long as you are not opposed to skipping story. Don’t go through what I did. Ignore the completionist in you and just press start. The long winded dialogue that spews out of anime cliché’s is agonizing. Every time the character’s mouths would finally shut and I’d start a new mission, my sleepy eyes would widen and I’d find a smile back on my face. Valkyria Chronicles II, for the PSP, is set in an alternate 19II0’s Europe and takes place two years after th...

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A Dull Blade 0

 When my chainsaw made its final slice, I had killed 837 henchmen, including the 36 rabid dogs I was forced to put down. Grenades had been stuffed in mouths. Machetes had chopped off more limbs then I could count. The 14-year-old boy in me should have been giddy from the violence that Shank revels in, but all I did after the credits ended was shrug. When you press start, Shank, the game and the like named protagonist, begins strong.  The first cutscene that starts Shank’s Tarantinoesque quest f...

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Directed Enjoyment 0

 Final Fantasy XIII doesn’t hide its linearity. The game is heavily directed. The choices you make from character development to story progression are controlled. You’ll walk down straight paths, not branching dungeons. You won’t find towns, or even people to talk to.  You won’t explore – well, not for the first twenty hours, anyway. Everything is fine tuned down to the amount of levels you can gain (the game caps you at certain points until you progress farther in the story.) On paper, these so...

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