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Great Job, put a big bright smile on my face! Is all about the love!! <3

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I voted yes, because my bedroom is currently the couch -.- and yes I can nonetheless because when I'm in Canada my fiancé's and my cat likes to sleep in there so if its closed she will just paw at it  until one of use open it a little... rather annoying sometimes.

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I think between PC and Consoles I have spent wayyyyyyyy more than necessary lol... But lately I'm poor... And no I don't have a crappy PC... But I kept my spending to a minimum T_T 

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I played Donkey Kong on the Atari :) 

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LOL i want to meet those girls that get good treatment. As a girl gamer, I remember never saying anything while playing CoD or GoW because I was winning a team game by myself and they all thought I was a guy, so when I said. Good match thanks guys... The insults game along, calling me a hoe and other shit because I was a girl and I just beat them... And I was like... Well stop playing like me and you probably would win :)  
On MMOs I do remember meeting this guy once hahahaha and for the longest time he pretended to be a girl and I'm like... For a girl you speak very guy-ish and he said, well that's because I am. But I am gay. I'm like... OK why lie? Well everyone lies on games so it was to no surprise to me. 
But I never go treated like you guys think "nicely". I much rather not say nothing because it's kinda annoying always getting to the debate that girl gamers should never play games and that they don't exist and that we are all men pretending to be girls. >=( so no. I'm the one that says not much at all, in order to stop the stupidity of im not aloud to play games coming out. :) 

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@FrankCanada97: Errrrrr all I'm going to judge is that you need to learn to read... I wasn't judging Vancouver for what it did... Im saying that its happening all over the world... So happening in Vancouver is no different. Is not bad news or good news. Is a matter of I'm used to seeing this happening now. Gets pretty boring the repetition.  
Hey. In sport is pretty natural seeing this sort of events so, it does not come to my surprise. so in NO WAY I'm judging, you need to learn to read between the words. Its called sarcasm. And hey ho.... I love Canada, my husband to be lives there and I spent most of my time over there... So.... Good on my book. Touchy touchy -.-' 
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@bukkookkub: I agree with you :) 
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Hahaha, the sales died down. That was so much to read I kinda fell asleep in the process. One, the name is hilarious and I think is pretty neat what they do. Because they try to make it different, and I found interesting to be honest :)  
In fact. When Kinect was coming out, I can rest assured that you had the same opinion, when the PS3 move came out, I can rest assured you had the same opinion, hell Im sure you had the same opinion when the 3DS was featured on last years E3. If the sales die down is not because of a console costing a wooping £400 (UK) which also includes games on the bundle or because it didn't live to your expectations. Is because the stupid economy don't allow people to be able to get what they want, with job losses and not being able to find work. Trust me I been there.  
I didn't watch the E3 because I didn't have any internet at the time but when my fiancé explained me what he saw I think it was pretty good. wiiuwiiuwiiuwiiu. Well jokes aside. I'm pretty sure you will be one of those (lucky ones) in the queue trying to get one when it comes to it, so I'm not fussed :)  

Also NINTENDO never intended to create a console for graphics, it was made for pure entertainment and they live up to the nostalgia. They created for me one of the best games I ever played and I never going to replace my love for Zelda and other games alike. Now they are more diverse, who can blame Nintendo for trying?. What I like about Nintendo is while Xbox 360 and PS3 where fighting on who is the best graphically, or when it came to a console that can heat up the whole house better, who has the best "new generation console", Nintendo was just always in their element doing what they do best, is trying to do something different from them. =) I rest my case and thank you for the post :) 

Each to their own :) 

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Riots, Protests is in fashion! Lybia is doing it, Syria is doing it. Why not Canada?!  (even for the stupid reason it was) 
-.- pretty pathetic I may add. 

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All I can say is. As long as your happy liking what you like and respect others on what they like I'm happy. I'm not really into superheroes, I prefer Star Wars over Star Trek and that is my choice really. But I don't play the games. 
It has no become more acceptable as there is debates around the world saying that 'GAMING' and anything related to it, is bad for us and makes us become criminals. But it is more accepted on the young era due to the common interest that we all have for computer games and the world that surrounds it.  
Take GiantBomb for example, they are a true testament of why things are more acceptable within the media, they make it fun, they make it related and we simply are addicted to their charisma. I just think people have become a little open minded to what today's generation love and like from the lets call it 'past-generation' comics, games, etc. Simply because simple curiosity and charm they once had.  
A lot of comics nowadays will never be as good as the ones when we were kids -.-' (made myself sound really old)  
So there! It's cool to like what ever you like.  
*drops mic* I'm outta ere!