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Thank you for that wonderful picture
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well i feel very pladitudinous
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Oh my, the Pirates. Well I am a pirates fan. Nothin to be excited about because we suck! Over the past 18 years Pirates fans have suffered a huge winless season drought. Yes the pirates have not had a winning season since 1992. Part of the problem is the management the other part is management. The Pittsburgh Pirates Owner, Manager, and Coaches are all LOSERS. Our team is probably not worried about winning anyways, all they ae worried about is stuffin thier pockets with money. Indeed any team could be the best out there, but not all owners are willing to shed a couple dollars. My point being that if Pittsburgh doesn't decide to win in the next 3 years I am done with them. Yes I'll burn my Nate Mclouth jersey (we miss you), I'll completely forget about the Pirates and when I see them lose, well... HA ha Ha Haha ha HAAAA!