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Uh... What? This hurts, but I love ya scoops, and I'll keep up with whatever you're working on.

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I don't understand why people are saying this isn't news... Publishing is a big part of getting the game from the developer to the consumer... It also all but guarantees that we won't see the game on PS4 for at least a long time. I'd say that qualifies as news.

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@patrickklepek I forget, have you had Phantasm on one of these lists? It's on mine this year, you should see it if you haven't. Also kudos to putting Halloween on the list. I feel that it remains the best film to watch in Shocktober :).

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Just got started myself, JesterPC#1470!

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I have a 9 hour flight tomorrow night. I will totally listen to this while I try to sleep on the plane. Thanks Jeff!

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Damn. I went with Thunderhoof because Cookie Party posted here first! Would have liked to have played with you guys, maybe I'll roll an alt over there!

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Nice piece Patrick, I couldn't agree more.

I like it when new things come along, but they need to be created from a place of desire to create something new, not a feeling of obligation. Look at Pacific Rim Vs. Godzilla. I personally enjoyed Godzilla more, but I adore both films and Del Toro is my favorite director. Anyway, On the one hand is Pacific Rim, something that Del Toro had a desire to create something new with, so that new thing (admittedly, heavily inspired by other things) turned out great. On the other hand, Gareth Edwards had wanted to direct a Godzilla movie for years, and so his film also turned out great.

Bringing it back to games, if, say, Visceral Games is really excited to get their hands on Battlefield with Hardline, then I can say with confidence that I'm excited about that game. If they were to let slip that they have a new IP in the works that they are excited about but were forced on to this Battlefield project, that is far less interesting.

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I think I added you as a friend Zurv, but in case its the wrong person, I'd love an invite. Character name is Dohkeshi.


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Whoa, crazy! Please, please, please don't forget that Skype works. I know Jeff has said that he doesn't like the idea of podcasting with Skype, but one of my favorite things about this site is the interplay of personalities, and it'll be really sad if Vinny's podcast appearances are as seldom as Patrick's. With that said, I'm really excited for you guys! Giant Bomb will take over the world by 2025!

Best of luck Vinny!

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So about that Morpheus thing...