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I'll echo what others have said: if I was a decision maker at EA I'd probably have made a similar decision. It's been a long time since a truly great Maxis title, and they aren't making small scale projects. I'm sure EA had some questionable ideas about what they wanted from SimCity, but Maxis still made that game. When you have a football coach that loses games for years and years you fire them. Hard for me to hate EA too much for this. Maybe for other things, but not for this.

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I think if you don't like Hearthstone you should avoid MtG like the plague. It's far more expensive and much less intuitive. Add to that the fact that their business model is really gross and every community I've fallen into for that game (and this isn't a reflection on anyone in this thread) has been quite toxic and I feel as though the game's best days are behind it. That said, the best way to check it out is to grab one of the duels of the planeswalkers games to get a feel for the rules and then go to a sealed event. $15-$20 will get you in and you'll get some cards, and the field is slightly more level.

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@historyinrust: that's kind of where I'm at. While that creation stuff is great I don't really want to interface with it and I have terrible internet so I'm not going to end up downloading stuff. I may just go with 2k15. The slower gameplay actually sounds like something I'd enjoy. Thanks a ton for the thoughts guys!

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Hey duders,

The Rumble has me wanting to do some virtual wrasslin' and I can't decide whether to go with 2k14 on 360 or 2k15 on PS4. I played '13 but ended up getting rid of it after a few months. I know the general consensus is that '15 is bad, but I'd rather play on my PS4 and its got Paige in it, which '14 is lacking from what I can tell. It's also twice as expensive as '14 so I'm kind of at an impasse. Any advice would be appreciated!


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Uh... What? This hurts, but I love ya scoops, and I'll keep up with whatever you're working on.

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I don't understand why people are saying this isn't news... Publishing is a big part of getting the game from the developer to the consumer... It also all but guarantees that we won't see the game on PS4 for at least a long time. I'd say that qualifies as news.

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@patrickklepek I forget, have you had Phantasm on one of these lists? It's on mine this year, you should see it if you haven't. Also kudos to putting Halloween on the list. I feel that it remains the best film to watch in Shocktober :).

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Just got started myself, JesterPC#1470!

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I have a 9 hour flight tomorrow night. I will totally listen to this while I try to sleep on the plane. Thanks Jeff!

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Damn. I went with Thunderhoof because Cookie Party posted here first! Would have liked to have played with you guys, maybe I'll roll an alt over there!