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Ill just repeat what i said in the bomb thread. I'm super excited for new blood! I started really digging into giant bomb about the time patrick showed up and I've really enjoyed the content he brought. As long as you guys bring your own perspective on things and aren't afraid to be yourself (even if that is "bad at videogames" or hating yoshi with a white hot passion) everything is going to turn out fine. Take the criticism with a grain of salt because there's a far greater nonvocal majority who likes ya just fine. Congratulations and good luck!

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@giantstalker: You should wander around in the bad side of space more. Getting jumped is pretty common. So much nulsec feels like a dark alley. You might be fine but someone will probably try to shank you.

@i_stay_puft: You're welcome! It was pretty exhilarating. It feels way more meaningful when there's something actually on the line.

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I hate change just as much as the next person.... Yep... thats just about it.

Fingers crossed it blossoms into great content without dulling a lot of what I've really enjoyed.

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Thats a real fun read. Keep scoopin guys. But.. of course. If you ever wanted to stop scooping and start shooting.... =)

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@gnu2000: Giant bomb didn't go to fanfest this year but it didn't go unrepresented. Woot!

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Hey, everyone!

School is ending and I bet you were thinking to yourself. "All this free time in summer... What ever can I do with it all?" We'll CCP's got your answer. They've recently introduced a recall program. You can start up the game for 7 days and get your feet wet again. Its only good for you guys who have been gone for 6 months but there sure are a lot of you guys! Kite and the brave collective are doing interesting things in eve. We are part of the HERO coalition and are actively taking a decent chunk of space. Its a chance to try to be a part of growing power in eve. You should come back and give it a shot! And get shot! If you have any questions please let me know.

Recall Program

Catch eve fever! (get it.. because.. Catch is the name of the space we are taking.. right? no? Okay..)

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@connerthekewlkid: Sent you a mail in game. Sorry for letting that slip through the cracks! Hope you'll hop back online.

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Claiming space in the name of Dave and Giant Bomb! This is a pretty exciting time for Kite Co. Win or lose its going to be a blast.

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Bump, You still got some of those keys handy? It seems like you might have takers.