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@yothatlimp: Its a steaming wreck! ... Nah. its pretty good. Kite Co. (and the whole brave collective) are in a mild lull but the corp is doing pretty good!

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Awesome, Thanks for the key @dinosaurs. This game looks like a blast. Thanks also @82apps!

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Got mine at launch i believe. So. I guess I qualify. Coool.

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@fisk0: Its never too late. It always depends on the people you fly with, though. This has always been a game about making friends and doing cool stuff with them or at the very least interacting with other people.

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We're out in null sec with the brave collective in a region called Catch. Its a system called W-MPTH. We put up a station there and dedicated it to Ryan Davis and its our home for however long we keep in Catch.

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@edraii: Well, eve got less "obtuse" over the past year. Industry has a better UI that makes much more sense. Soon you wont lose skillpoints when you die (which is great). And there seem to be many more changes to come.

You just gotta get with a fun group of guys and hang out with them. Eve is a game about the community mostly so I'd encourage you to come back and give it a shot. I've got a full time job but theres always time for hobbies. And at least in Kite Co. we never issue some sort of demand that you show up or get kicked because we all know at the end of the day its just a game and should be a fun thing and not a responsibility.

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There's a few major things that EVE Online has been known for over the years. It's a complex game. There's a lot of material for making spreadsheets (if that's your thing). But one of the most agreed upon points is that it's trailers are always seen as some of the best in the industry. As an EVE player, I tend to agree that the trailers are awesome but the cynic in me also wants to say that they are not always based in reality. Take the Eve Retribution trailer from 2 years ago. It shows a guy who "made the mistake of his life" in killing "the wrong people". While this can happen, it never really happens like this. Its a fun trailer and incredibly campy but maybe not the most faithful to the game.

The 2014 Trailer is completely different in that all of these events can, and did, happen in EVE. Months ago, CCP asked for excerpts from people's recorded voice communications while they were playing the game with their friends. What makes this such an outstanding trailer is that it captures all of the feelings that make eve different from almost every other MMO. Its a game that transforms into something greater than the sum of its parts when you play with the right people and this trailer does more to explain why I keep playing more than anything else I could put into words.

What do you guys think?

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@eurobum: It seems like at some point EVE greatly wronged you in the past I'm not really sure what your history is because you really don't justify the way you feel in any of your posts. Why is everything you say so aggressively worded? Whats your EVE story that makes you so against anybody enjoying the game and telling others its a game they might enjoy as well.

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I think I'm actually going to watch this video. Its now a niche that I should care about but don't know much about! Thanks in advance!