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It was the first time in the alliance tournament for many of our guys. It was really cool to see people you've played this game with for a long time being talked about by announcers and the like.. Is this what e-sports is?

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Much like baseball, prepare to see the the amount of ADHD diagnosed competitors rise sharply.

Too true.

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@twi: Part 2 is mostly done but its kinda out of control how long it is. Its like.. Insanely long. And I'm trying to edit out jargon and other stupid things. Fingers crossed for tomorrow, though.

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Oh man. My blog made it here. That's pretty awesome!. Thanks @zombiepie!

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@kinggiddra: I know I know.. I'm just meaning like.. Now. They'd probably nuke population centers if they were going for a headshot like EVE players like to do.

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I'm writing part 2 right now. It's tough! I haven't written anything long form since freshman year of college. Part 2 is a good bit more complicated and there's some extra reading attached to it for those of you who want to dig deeper. Hopefully will get that posted soon and hopefully there won't be too many typo's or wild tense changes that I have to correct.

@soulcake man that's a shame. Brave was always destined to be the center of the bullseye. I like to imagine W-M like Nevada, Hawaii, Kansas or something. If someone was coming for the United States they probably wouldn't start there.

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Part Two ended up being incredibly long. Way too long. It also forms its own complete story so I posted it in its own post Here is that new blog post. Thanks!