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It convinced me that I should get an Xbox One probably at some point. I was already planning to get a Wii U when Bayo2 came out and a PS4 when MGS5 game out, but Bloodborne sold me even more. Xbox One won't be until at least until late next year though, so I hope I can get a good deal on one by then.

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Transistor by far I think. I would say Danganronpa, but I had technically already played that a while back with a fan translation. I still really need to play a lot of games from this year, but with like 6 games I'm super hyped for coming out within the span of about 2 months and half of them being at least 30 hour JPRGs I don't know how much time I'll have for other games. Main things I want to get to are Wolfenstien and Ground Zeros, but Ground Zeroes ain't happening until I get a PS4.

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I really feel dead inside after hearing this. It's probably the worst news for the site since Ryan's death. Just as I felt GB was getting back on it's feet another huge blow is done to it. I'm sure I'll keep watching and I of course respect Vinny's decision and reasons, but still this fucking sucks. The Bombcast and UPF are honestly probably going to suck now.

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Why does everyone and everything try to remind me that I haven't touched New Leaf since Christmas? I know I failed my town and it's going to look horrible when I go back, but I don't need @patrickklepek to remind me of that too.

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When is Michael Bay gonna finally stop all these shenanigans and give the people what they really want? Just give us Bad Boys 3 already.

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You don't have to worry about any of that if you just _____________git gud_______________

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Why does this world hate John Carmack? First Bethesda destroys the company he made and now his new baby is sold to Facebook. I'm so sorry, John Carmack. You don't deserve this.

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This and Hyperdiminsion Neptunia Re: Birth getting announced have made me very happy about my new Vita purchase. I jumped on this train at the best time.

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The problem is that there are so many people that act like those "fun" games are destroying the industry and making it only for 13 year olds. I can enjoy a good, serious story in a game if it's good, but I will never give up my fun games. The problem is that so many people attack these fun games because "SEXISM IS BAD" and "YOU'RE DESTROYING THE GAME INDUSTRY BECAUSE THIS HAS BOOBS". Whenever I'm allowed to enjoy Killer Is Dead, Senran Kagura, and Dragon's Crown without seeing this everywhere then you'll probably get more people fine with more serious games with real issues. The problem is that almost every game with these "real social issues" is praised to the heavans when it doesn't deserve it and the fun games that are just about fun are smashed into the ground for being a detriment to the industry and that's half or more of their reasoning on why the game is "bad".

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@mysteriousbob: I'd say the first two Guitar Heroes were good games and all the main Rock Bands were good games. I never really played any other ones, but I don't see how they are bad games in anyway. True they aren't games you get heavily invested in and are more of a party game, but that doesn't make them not good.