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I'm sure they were in a bind with Smash. If they didn't have both there would be a bunch of people freaking out because a lot of competitive Smash players are insane. Glad to see my anime fighters though and hopefully side tourneys for KOF. I have no idea why Marvel is still so popular. It's easily with Melee for most boring game.

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I'm still pissed about it not being on Vita. It just doesn't make sense to me. I'll probably still get it though because I love Square's abuse.

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The lack of Senran Kagura is disturbing. Then again I might just be choosing mine to torture Jeff and Dan.

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Ready for the most controversial opinions on the Alien franchise?


I don't know what this Resurrection movie movie keep talking about is. Is it new and I missed it or what?

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@spacekatgal: You are being just as reactionary and knee-jerky as the rest of the internet. How is this a dialogue? You just put a bunch of words in that guys mouth that he never even close to implied. This is just further proving that this whole thing isn't about listening to each other and understanding each other. It's about agreeing with you or we don't respect women or don't understand and need to educate ourselves. It's the exact reason me and many others are ignoring it. It's not that we don't see a problem, but it's that we are going to be seen as the problem unless we agree with everything your side says. Instead we ignore it because that's better than just getting ignored, talked down too, or even harassed at points because we disagree with some points. It's sad that I've had more constructive and interesting conversations about this on places demonized by the internet than here with someone at the heart of this whole debacle. Your side doesn't want a discussion and you've been proving that this whole thread.

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@rangers517: That's been the biggest problem with this "conversation" that's been going on for the past few years. Either you agree with everything one side says or you're the enemy. It's not a dialog. It's pick a side and mindlessly agree with everything that side says. Articles have been right to paint this like modern US politics because it's the same thing there. You can't be a moderate in these conversations. It's just as generalizing and sexist and it certainly doesn't help a dialog happen.

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I'd say I get at least a little bit in everyday. At the worst I'll at least end up playing WWE Supercard or a 3DS/VIta game for a little bit. In fact I don't remember the last day where I didn't play anything at all.

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@n7: That's been my biggest problem nailing it down. I think it might just be the overall jank. Like wasting 3 matches on a body that won't burn for some reason and said body comes back and takes half my health. I feel like my revolver is just as inaccurate as it was before I upgraded it all the way. The timing on disarming bombs is just garbage I feel. I feel melee is useless for the most part. Most of the deaths I've had don't feel like my fault, but because of the game. I'm loving the atmosphere and how tight it controls most of the time, but there's just a lot of jank I can't seem to hurdle over. Most of the time I can get over it with these games, but this one seems to be bothering me for some reason. The worst part is that it's kind of an addicting game because as soon as a pass a difficult encounter I get the biggest feeling of satisfaction. I don't hate the game by any means and in fact I kinda really like it, but it's just been so frustrating at times. I haven't been able to fall in love with it like I did RE1 and RE4. This might all have been a result of hype train though because that's how it was with Dishonored. I feel like if I just take some time from it and distance myself I'd come into it better. It's such a weird feeling of love/hate. My first post kinda made it seem like I really don't like it at all, but I do. I just don't love it and that's been pretty disappointing since it seems to be everything I would love in this kind of game.

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I have no idea why I'm not in love with this game. I've loved almost everything Mikami has been involved with, but for some reason I just can't love this as much as I want to. I swear this is the most I've tried to sell myself on a game since Dishonored and it really sucks. I have no idea what it is, but I just keep getting frustrated with the game. Still glad others are enjoying it since I really want to. I'll just have to keep pushing myself to beat it because I really do want to love this game.

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Is Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks just a series telling the same story as the movie of the same name?

Another question: I watched the original Psycho-Pass rather than the remake. Which one does the new series follow on from are they close enough that it doesn't matter?

On Fate/Stay Night: Kinda. I mean it's going to be the same story, but it's a lot more faithful to the VN and it's actually well animated because it isn't DEEN.

On Psycho-Pass: It doesn't matter. The Extended Cut only added a few little scenes here and there and they weren't that substantial.